720S - is it actually any good?

720S - is it actually any good?



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Wednesday 9th October
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Thay looks like it was a great trip.

As been mentioned before, the 720 looks like a spaceship in amongst all the Porsches and the colour really suits.

Regards the comfort entry; if i miss the, what seems like nanosecond of time to use the function, just opening the door and shutting it again suffices for it to be offered again...no need to exit etc.

Even at that if, raining etc, just select the stored preset seat postion number takes you to where you want to be...or are both these features also lost from the 650?


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Wednesday 9th October
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lowndes said:
It's three years since I had mine but as I recall intermittent rain sensor wiper sensitivity is accessed via one of the stalks on steering column and there were around 5 different levels to chose from. On the 720S similar functionality is only accessible by the central touchscreen.

Ironically the 720S wakes up with a message on the central touchscreen about not using it to make adjustments while driving. No doubt McL legal counsel input.
Out of topic - lowndes I sent you an email through ph btw just in case it's got lost in your spam folder smile


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Wednesday 9th October
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Damn, I was right - holding the lift stalk down takes you to switch lighting. Will have to read the manual - I can't find a shortcut for the wiper sensitivity.


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Saturday 12th October
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LotusJas said:

In summary - it redefines what a Supercar is. Nothing comes close.

Well worth viewing this.
And then there’s the Senna