Scam alert - 812 Competizione build slot

Scam alert - 812 Competizione build slot



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Hi guys. The original post was deleted by the moderator...

If you are offered a build slot on the down-low, by a guy claiming to be a Ferrari VIP customer who has been given a build slot for both the hard-top and the Aperta 812 competizione proceed with extreme caution! This is a fraud/scam attempting to get you to pay a deposit for a car you will never see/drive.

This fake car or build slot has been advertised on PH and also Autotrader.

I reported the issue to Ferrari and also to the dealer concerned, both have verified they have never heard of the guy and it is 100% a scam.

I am unable to “name and shame” the person here claiming to be the seller of the slot, even though his name is a fraud/fake. But if you need further info (I have a lot) then please feel free to DM me.

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