Lamborghini Is Almost Sold Out This Year 2021 Production

Lamborghini Is Almost Sold Out This Year 2021 Production



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“Despite a two-month shutdown due to the pandemic, Lamborghini ended 2020 as its second-best year ever,” Winkelmann said, as crowds swarmed the over 60 brands on show including Ferrari NV, Porsche and McLaren Automotive Ltd. in a sign of normal life resuming in major cities like Milan. Lamborghini deliveries have surged by almost 25% to a record during the first quarter.


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This pandemic has hit a lot of people very, very hard both financially and emotionally and some have been lucky enough to not be hugely financially affected.

However there are some out there who've done very, very well financially from Covid so this doesn't surprise me. Yes, some won't be spending money on holidays but I'm not convinced those are the same people who buy brand new supercars!


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urus first full year would have accounted for 2019 being the best year ever, and even minus two months' shut down, 2020 second best

10 months' production being sold 5 months into 2021 implies about a 5 month lead time, not that unusual

i guess it's a quiet news day...


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The STO and the Urus is basically sold out in the US & Canada based on what I've read on the Lambo forums and it seems like the EVO RWD might be sold out for the year.

The UK market no longer is a gauge for overall demand because the UK is no longer in the top 3 markets for Lamborghini, in fact the UK might not even be in the top 5 so less allocations to go around. Good for anyone that owns a Lambo, bad news for anyone looking to buy new.