488 exhaust?



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Wednesday 2nd November
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I remember reading someone saying they had a switch that could open and close the valves electronically on their 488 - would this impact the warranty, and what was it called? Can anyone recommend a place in Manchester that'd fit it?



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Thursday 3rd November
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Its usually the Capristo exhaust controller that is mentioned - as with any exhaust mod the warranty effect is uncertain but at least could give another reason to challenge a claim - any of the several regularly named indies around Manchester could fit and supply if necessary


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Thursday 3rd November
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The Forza exhaust controller is widely regarded, most common on the 458. It is plug and play. I think the warranty position is not clear cut.



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Saturday 12th November
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+1 for forza. Had it on my coupe and spider. Really easy to install and inexpensive. All it does it force the valves open or leave them in automatic mode


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Wednesday 16th November
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What's the general consensus about the warranty with one of these fitted?


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Sunday 20th November
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I have never fitted one of these but have unplugged every exhaust I’ve had on both Lambo’s and Ferraris. I have had dealers advise me that it isn’t a problem apart from on the f8 which would throw a wobbly because of the particulate filters!
Not sure the switches are necessary tbh if you’re light on the throttle they’re not that loud!


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Saturday 3rd December
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I have a 488 with the exhaust values that can be opened manually.

I had them fitted by Ferrari, which didn't affect the warranty, as they did it.

Then the warranty went out of time and it didn't make any difference.