Jersey restaurant recs

Jersey restaurant recs



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Sunday 25th June 2017
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We're staying at the Longueville manor imminently, any recommendations for restaurants please? Fish is good, as are grills.


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Wednesday 12th July 2017
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Bit late, but the resto at Longueville is one of the best around for classic fine dining. #10 on Bond Street is excellent. Great food at Bohemia. Portelet Bay Pizza is a wooden hut on the beach at Portelet and do excellent authentic Italian Pizzas. MArk Jacob at The Beach is great for lunch. The Hungry Man in Rozel bay is an outdoor cafe with a small amount of cover but does excellent burgers at lunch time and tea and cakes in the afternoon. Sumas in Gorey has a lovely view of the castle but make sure you get on the terrace. El Tico is canteen style seating but excellent view of the sunset and good food to boot. The steak at Banjo's is ok and the terrace outside the front of the Royal Yacht is great fun for people watching while having a cold pint of generic lager. The island is let down most by its lack of good pubs (places tin hat on head), there are loads of pubs all round the island, all of which should be excellent destination places by location and size, but apart from a few notable exceptions (the Rozel, St Marys Country Inn, The Lamplighter, JB's, front side of The Portelet Inn, The Boathouse, The Old Courthouse (no good beer though) The Dolphin - this last, more for all round good fun rather than sophistication!) all sell awful beer and smell of old chip fat.
Presumably you have now returned. How did you fare?