Jersey with a GR Yaris at disposal

Jersey with a GR Yaris at disposal



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Friday 30th December 2022
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Friday 30th December 2022
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I go there regularly but can’t recommend a route. It’s 40mph speed limits and lots of narrow lanes.


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Friday 30th December 2022
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The smallest car with just enough bhp is the ideal car for Jersey. It's just too small and too many narrow lanes masquerading as main roads. Great place to go for a holiday however. We went on the catamaran from Poole and took my Z4 M40i - and I wish I hadn't. It was too big and too many heart in mouth moments where I thought we might get stuck or graze the alloy wheels. But a lovely place to just cruise around at a leisurely pace. No driving roads however or fast corners.


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Tuesday 24th January 2023
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40 mph is fast enough to enjoy a great place A great petrol station you have to be turned round on a turn table to leave

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Wednesday 14th June 2023
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Just back from visiting my sister-in-law, who lives on Jersey. Since our last visit many of the 20mph limits on narrow lanes have been dropped to 15mph. With high banks & hedges plus blind bends even 15mph is too fast in many places.

Not the place to visit if you expect to enjoy driving. Jersey is less than 11x9 miles & max limit is 40mph. I was there for 8 days & drove a total of less than 160 miles.

However, plenty of interesting places to see. Meals are expensive, even in pubs & cafés.