Cholmondeley Power and Speed event 2018

Cholmondeley Power and Speed event 2018



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Sunday 14th January 2018
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This, what was or should I say could have been a Great North West motoring event is not being held this year and is not going to be in the foreseeable future which is a shame, the reason is, because the event lost its sponsors through sheer greed and poor management.


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Sunday 18th March 2018
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A bit more detail ?

nobby c

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Wednesday 13th June 2018
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Really sad that this appears to be dying, it had the potential to be the Goodwood of the North but with better access to competitors.Shame

j4ckos mate

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Wednesday 27th June 2018
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i love cars,
i reckon once youve been though you dont need to go again for a couple of years anyway
i certainly recall seeing the same cars there before,

i think abit more in the air would be nice, red arrow maybe and some glamping tents erected??


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Tuesday 27th November 2018
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We went twice and had a great time both times, it’s a real shame if it’s finished for good