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Monday 21st May
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Hello all

right - I went to Sebring, been meaning to write up a review - so here goes....

I flew to Orlando and the really nice Avis man gave me a free upgrade - from my mustang to a Vette! Great start to my trip. I spent a couple of days in Orlando, a mate came to visit me. I have to say next time I do this, I'll stop in Miami or Tampa - Orlando is (unsurprisingly) full of families arguing after trips to Disney and the conference crew. Bought walmart tent and airbed. Bought my (too thin) sleeping bag with me.

Onto Sebring, sunburnt with the T-top off. Easy camping in North field, made friends with the locals. Bought cases of beer at the track - which is new this year apparently. I arrived Thursday, absolutely no queuing and easy to get a good spot for the tent. All going well until the temperature at night dropped to 34F. Yes thats just above freezing, high 80's in the day, nearly freezing at night - I have never been as cold. It gets REALLY cold!!!

Practice and qualifying were great, so much more access to the cars, pits and drivers than Le Mans. Food at the track is surprisingly limited, greasy and expensive - most folks BBQ. I bought a case of water with me, I didn't see water available anywhere.

The supposedly "wild" green park was decidedly tame - a few aged pissed hippies.....Le Mans is generally much more lively.

Race day - on the pit lane with the drivers and cars just minutes before the race starts - fantastic atmosphere.

Race starts at 10.30 - Bikini competition starts at 12.30......the email about grid girls really didn't get here.....all quite tame really.

Great racing over the entire three days. Right next to the podium with the winners. Supposedly its 100k people but it never felt like that maybe next year will be much more crowded?

I got up early on Sunday morning and drove back to Orlando, booked into a hotel and slept! Two days in Orlando to recover by the pool.....

What a great trip - easy to get there, easy to get in, clean showers and loos, really friendly locals, amazing access to the racing, terrible food, not as lively as its made out to be, very few Brits, no guns, no trouble, nice Avis man.

I am definitely going back next year, changes for next year - not Orlando. Much thicker sleeping bag, maybe some food of my own. Otherwise it was excellent.

I have my space reserved with a friend I made who had a crazy big RV.