The generosity of the ACO

The generosity of the ACO



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Wednesday 28th February
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For years the ACO have been having problems getting marshals to turn up for the Classic every two years and they really upset the apple cart in 2016 by having the marshals on post from Saturday morning right through to the end of racing on Sunday. Many have vowed never to return, and I can't blame them in the slightest. To put things in perspective, there are about 1,200 marshals for the 24 Hours and 500 for the Classic, so way understaffed before and heaven knows how many this year. So I give you the text of the wondrous offer now being made by the ACO to try and get them to turn up. Are you sitting comfortably?

First of all, I would like to come back to the edition of 2016. Obviously, we made a mistake and I would really like to apologize for that. The ACO and Peter Auto (it is important to remember that Le Mans Classic is a joint organization ACO/Peter at 50% each) had jointly committed to adjust your time slots by setting up a specific organization for activities outside official races, and then we did not stand by this commitment. During the various parades and additional activities, the race direction called on the Marshall posts to officiate, and thus making the timetables at the Le Mans Classic too busy for you. We would sincerely like to make our mea culpa and reassure you that we rapidly realized our mistake, however too late to correct it in 2016.

Aware of this problem, but also, in general terms, of the necessity to make Le Mans Classic more attractive for you, I am pleased to confirm the new disposals that will be effective for Le Mans Classic 2018:
Timetable: you will find with this mail the projected timetable. This year a specific organization will be set up for all the parade phases and other non-sporting activities. YOU WILL NOT BE CALLED ON. Therefore you will have new rest slots at your disposal. (See details in enclosed timetable). We have clearly defined the organization to this purpose, and I hereby promise that the inconvenience of 2016 will not be repeated.
Endowment: in addition to the usual endowment, each Marshall officiating this year will receive:
A superb technical jacket with the logo Le Mans Classic.
A Carrefour gift card with the logo Le Mans Classic worth € 15.
Marshalls’ Trophy Points. It has been decided to allocated specific points in order to reward your presence:
15 points for the day of Friday
20 points for the weekend
Le Mans Classic is from now on eligible for obligatory events, allowing the renewal of the licence paid by the ACO for our licensees (in addition to the number of obligatory events which of course does not change). Currently, a Karting or Rally event is obligatory, from now on a participation in Le Mans Classic will count as well.
Each post will get 2 parking spaces, which will allow Marshalls at rest and their guests to enter into the general enclosure. Marshalls’ passes as well as their guests’ will give them access to the paddock where you can see those legendary cars up close. Do not miss this moment!