Best time to go to the town on Friday

Best time to go to the town on Friday



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Wednesday 13th June
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RobIpswichUK said:
Talking of other places to visit. On Friday in Arnage is a car show (with parade over the lunch period), which might be worth a look.
This is interesting.... we usually head to Arnage village centre early afternoon as the atmosphere has always been great. We then make a call on Le Mans centre early evening and take a cab in. Is the car show and parade through Armage centre? We can walk to arnage in 15 mins from our private camp site, so some more cars to look at after the great British welcome would be nice 👍


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Wednesday 13th June
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fatboy18 said:
Philip-8km5h said:
Some great suggestions here, thanks everyone for posting!

We’re going to have bikes this time so planning on avoiding the public transport.

I think early pit walk, then trip to town followed by car show sounds like a great combo!
The drivers Parade is late afternoon early evening so there will not be any car shows after the drivers parade.

So Pit Walk, car shows then Drivers Parade. wink
wavey I believe that the Drivers Parade starts at 1700. Be good to see you Fatboy18 - it's been ages!! :-)