Le man classic club lap

Le man classic club lap



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Wednesday 13th June 2018
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Hi all,
Just read that all drivers and passengers will need to wear helmets on the club laps ! Is this new for this year as previously I’ve never worn one. Sorry if this has already been discussed, just trying to clarify as I don’t own one !! Any response appreciated


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Wednesday 13th June 2018
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Yep, new this year after a few bumps in 2016.


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Thursday 14th June 2018
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It,s a PITA going to take up quite a bit of luggage space my other half is not a happy bunny.


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Thursday 14th June 2018
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Someone needs to set up a quick crash helmet rental company.


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Thursday 14th June 2018
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Having seen some of the "Rock Ape" driving last time I am not surprised they have introduced this !


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Monday 18th June 2018
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Unlike Silverstone Classic, driving Le mans and Spa classics can be very fast.
I have been well into 3 figures driving Le mans and Spa. But it all depends if you get a good gap in the cars.
Also there are many different powered cars driving the track at the same time!

Some people want to poodle round others (myself included) want to actually drive the track a a fair pace without risk of a speeding ticket and we are not subject to the usual noise regulations of English Circuits.
When I go out on track, I check tire pressures, wheel nuts, wear a race suit and driving shoes and Full face helmet and gloves. I take it, and my safety seriously.

Worst driving I have ever witnessed was a guy in a porsche boxster pull up alongside the pit wall and wait for his mate to catch up! meanwhile other cars were going by him at over 100mph!
You also have to remember that you will not have insurance driving the track, so make sure you are covered wink
My friend also had her windscreen cracked by a Gopro camera which fell off another car driving the track, (there was no secondary tether on it).

So if you do decide to go on Track, be very mindful of other faster cars and Drivers.
You don't have to play follow my leader, cars may overtake you on any side!