Retro Rides Weekender returns to Goodwood 18th/19th May

Retro Rides Weekender returns to Goodwood 18th/19th May



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Wednesday 8th May
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I saw this thread pop up last year : and thought I'd give you a bit of a heads up on this year's event, what we're about and what to expect. It won't be to everyone's taste I'm sure, but some may enjoy.

Retro Rides events are (broadly) pre-98 cars, often a bit breathed on, occasionally very breathed on. We aim for a diverse selection of cars and a nice laid back atmosphere.

This is our little video from last year :

We've made a bunch of improvements this year, with a change of layout and action on track both days, sprint on Saturday and autosolo on Sunday. Our three display paddocks this year are Retropower 10th Anniversary (including the public debut of their Gordon Murray Ford Escort build), Rallying History and Deadline (new for 2019 builds). There are more cars on display on the Sunday than the Saturday, but the track cars move at a higher speed on the Saturday.

Day tickets are £10 in advance, £15 on the gate and can be got here : . 16 and under go free.

Hopefully that answer some questions people may have had like "what the hell is all this about!?"

More info can be found here :

Happy to answer any questions


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Wednesday 15th May
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Looking forward to this; especially the Retropower 10 year anniversary display.

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Looks like a superb event, a notable entry being Hubnut's Invacar!