So...who has booked for 2020?

So...who has booked for 2020?


Big Robbo

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Thursday 17th October
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If you are determined to take your own gear make sure any tent you get is suitable for motorbikes, because they will be smaller and more compact . x2fold up chairs behind the seats and fill up any other space with clothes etc. Everything else Carrefour will provide


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Thursday 17th October
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Or get a caravan!

You'd get some great reactions on the Autoroute when people overtake the slow moving find it being pulled by an R8 biggrin


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Thursday 17th October
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3x Tertre Rouge: Check biggrin


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Thursday 17th October
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Not for us this year, thought it was a good opportunity to try something else (Nurburgring 24hr perhaps) and back in 2021 for the Hypercars!


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Monday 21st October
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Ferry now paid for so now I just need to relax as all done!


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PH Marketing Bloke

Thursday 24th October
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Alex0904 said:
Hi Lemans, and everyone.

I'd like to go, for the first time, next year. I want to take my son with me in a 2 seater with not much storage space. An R8. So taking lots of stuff is a none starter. I'd like to stay somewhere closeish or on the track. Houx or Houx Annex praps? Although I signed up a few weeks ago to that teaser on here, I've not heard anything so far. So I'd very much welcome advice about where, how and when to book; about what you do to park; about what you absolutely must take with you, about trains, About everything. lol.

Any advice would be very welcome indeed. Thanks!

You can have a pre-erected tent on either of the secure PistonHeads campsites with our partner 1st Tickets. I'm sure they can support providing inflatable mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags, chairs etc if you're struggling for storage space in the R8! We get plenty of Caterhams etc for this reason.

Our packages will be on sale very soon but Brian and the team will happily answer any questions you have:

All you'll need is clothes and some spending money. Other campsites/travel providers also available...


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Thursday 31st October
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Booked with 1st Tickets today for my 19th trip.


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Thursday 31st October
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See u there DMN in the 1st Tickets compound...getting the hang of this Le mans lark now...this will be the 26th year!!!!!


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Thursday 31st October
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I’m a mere baby compared to others with it being my 8th consecutive year next time for the 24 but the first for the Classic (special permission gained for the “double”).


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Saturday 9th November
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Booked the house we were in last year with the owner as we were leaving.

Looked at ferry prices today. Crikey theyve gone up 50% on what we booked last year - admittedly that was in August so a bit earlier but even so, its feeling rather expensive!