Caravans at Le Mans

Caravans at Le Mans



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Saturday 30th November
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Looking at getting back to the 24 this year but incorporate it into a french caravan holiday. Looking at the bounty lakes option as I will have the wife and young son with me.

Has anyone done the trip with a caravan in tow and pitched in one of the public campsites. Been with a tent plenty of times but would like a little more comfort for the family.


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Sunday 1st December
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We’ve used Garage Vert for many years now and there are plenty of caravans and campers on the site. My only recommendation would be to pitch up latest Thursday to get a decent spot as there are no defined pitches or size of pitch.


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Sunday 1st December
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Plenty of times. No issues...

DJI_0009 by David Powell, on Flickr


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Sunday 1st December
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Bounty is good for the event as they have shuttles to the circuit and back.
You don’t say if wife and son are attending the event, if not passing the time at Bounty will be hard as it is a bit remote. There’s a public site at Ecommoy a couple of miles down the road with train services to Le Mans or Tours

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I took the caravan last year for the first time, staying on Bleu Sud. Wouldn't go without it now!