Coming back...has much changed?

Coming back...has much changed?


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Not been for a few years now due to emigrating to warmer climes.

Used to camp in Karting Nord originally, then moved on to Garage Vert I think (had to google a campsite map and have a look. Christ it's been too long!).

What's the go these days? Unfortunately not back for the hypercars 2021, so will have to make do with the lacking LMP1 class. Hopefully still some good action still!

Used to book through Brian at 1st tickets, so will make contact soon. Just need to sort out what I want to book!

Smaller crowd. I'll be using the race as a last stop on a Europe tour. Wheres good for a smaller setup? Might be coming down Friday.

Two friends who are coming have Corvettes. One car will turn up, the other will unfortunately stay here in Australia. Is Corvette camping an option? Is that an owners club thing?

I'll browse the who's booked thread for inspiration.


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Guess it depends how long ago you last visited

We always stay at Garage Vert and I have noticed the popularity has grown so if you can get down on Wednesday or Thursday you will get a better choice of site. Our group size varies each year but have got to know a few of the regulars so it doesn’t matter

There is still some great racing even if you take the Toyotas out of your mind but given the amount of years they came away dry they deserve some accolades

Main thing I’ve noticed is the ever increasing cost of beer at the ‘pubs and thus can seem quieter

May see you there