1st Tickets Update

1st Tickets Update


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Tuesday 13th October
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With the recent posts about Travel Destinations and Team Langoustine, as PistonHeads' private campsite provider I felt it worthwhile providing an update on the status of 1st Tickets.

Like all companies in the Travel and Hospitality industry COVID-19 has hit us very hard. The cancellation, rescheduling and running behind closed doors of events has put us under a lot of pressure. We have had to make some very tough decisions including putting our staff on furlough and reducing my own hours to as little as possible during May through to October.

Like many other providers, each time there was a significant change to any of our events, we communicated with our customers as quickly as we could, providing them with information on the options that were available for their booking. For the Le Mans 24 Hours, this was for the initial postponement, the Fan Villages concept, the cancellation of our private campsites and the news that the event was to run behind closed doors.

As a result a large proportion of our 2020 customer have transferred their bookings to 2021, for which we (and I, personally) are very grateful. This shows confidence and loyalty to 1st Tickets and the service we provide.

Thanks to our reserves and some very harsh financial belt tightening we are still operational, financially viable and getting ready to open for bookings for 2021 (subject to any event and travel restrictions). We expect to receive information from the ACO later this month about the 2021 24 Hours and the rest of their event calendar. Once this information is received and we have quotes from our local suppliers, we will update our website and will be able to launch our packages including the PistonHeads Private campsites for the 24 Hours and Le Mans Classic.

Thanks for your continued support.

Brian Sheehan
1st Tickets Limited


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Tuesday 13th October
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Thanks Brian

Here's looking forward 2021,


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Tuesday 13th October
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Next year can't come quickly enough, hopefully..
Cheers Brian


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Tuesday 13th October
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Well done and keep your fingers crossed for next year


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Wednesday 14th October
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Thanks for the update Brian. Your communication has been as good as your service always is. Fingers crossed that we have some level of normality next year and all the best to you and the rest of the 1st Tickets team.


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Saturday 7th November
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Thanks for the update Brian and we look forward to being back at Le Mans 2021 and beyond with First Tickets.


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Sunday 8th November
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We’re looking forward to the 2021 classic. Fingers crossed it goes ahead and completely unrestricted.