Millie Miglia - a bit of advice.

Millie Miglia - a bit of advice.



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Tuesday 10th May
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Hi all,

Hopefully this is the right area for this. I am off to see the Millie Miglia in June. I will be watching the start and the finish. For people who have been before is there any tips or tricks I should know about?

On the last day they state they do time trials at Varano de' Melegari circuit. Is this worth seeing?

When they head to Monza, is this worth going to or are you better heading direct to Brescia?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Wednesday 11th May
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I haven't spectated on MM for a long time (normally attend a similar event in September) but it occurs to me that you stand more chance of seeing the entrants close to if you attend either Riccardo Paletti or Monza circuits,. Also you'll have the fun of driving the route (if you're allowed to) - I do know they restrict public traffic on the route due to " spectators".


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Friday 13th May
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We've been to watch the MM a few times & stay in Sirmione.
The joy of that is you get to see the competitors go past in both directions as they do a loop in the main square.
So many places to eat & drink watching the cars go past, its a wonderful event.
Have fun

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Sunday 15th May
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I've been 5 times 2013 -2019 .

By the way it's Mille Miglia .....nerd

Is going to circuits a new thing ? ...I don't remember them doing this before .

I've been to Varano circuit for something else ,good little circuit with good view of the whole circuit from the banking.

Another reason to go to Varano is that Dallara , the race car maker has his factory there on the road into the town [he was also born there] from the Autostrada and you can go in and look at his collection for some Euros .

I'd much rather go to Varano than Monza , personal preference .

I always used to go to Brescia for the start , walk into the city to see many of the cars parked in the streets .It will be very busy but also you should be able to get a free guide to the event , people just handing them out . 3 different ones used to be available .
Don't drive into the city centre ,there's a ZTL which may be suspended on start day or risk a fine for contravening it .
The guides range from a newspaper quality entry list to a very glossy magazine doing basically the same thing .
Park near the MM museum and go in there too whilst you're there .

I usually then take a day off on day 2 then find somewhere on the route back up north on day 3 from Roma to watch the cars pass on the road .
Never went to the finish , there will always be a lot less cars than there was 3 days earlier due to attrition , all the cars entered are now at least 65 years old .
Don't forget the 100 Tributo Ferrari modern cars running ahead of the old cars and similar for Mercedes too .