Gurston Hill hillclimbs, near Salisbury.

Gurston Hill hillclimbs, near Salisbury.



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Thursday 12th May
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Don’t know if anyone here goes to the meetings at Gurston Hill. It has a couple of days at the end of May and various more throughout the season. Also has school days to take your own cars up the hill. It’s a hillclimb that’s very easy to get wrong but great for spectators. Good little cafe and bar. Good parking and easy to get into.


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Friday 13th May
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I attend, as a spectator, fairly regularly as it is just down the A303 from me.

Plenty of action throughout the day, an a wide variety of vehicles from hot hatches, to sportscars, to single seaters, to old Austin Sevens that seem to barely make it to the top.

Charming paddock amongst farm buildings as well.

There's a shiny new catering hut at the top viewing area this season.