Spa classic camping?

Spa classic camping?


arthur t

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Thursday 31st March 2016
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Hi there looking at going to classic Spa this year and camping.

Anyone ever been?

I have been to Le Mans and classic Le Mans a number of times, but thought I would try some thing new .



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Friday 13th May 2016
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A bit late, sorry! frown
We will be there this weekend with motorhome. Went last year on a whim and were able to just park up in the carpark and didn't pay extra, somehow. As for tents, I think there were some but (kinda obviously) not in the same area we parked the motorhome.

This is probably a totally useless and unhelpful post! Hopefully you'll still be there, if you see an old-ish Knaus motorhome on Dutch plates then come and say hello and have a beer with us smile