Warning burnt wiring

Warning burnt wiring



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Friday 18th October 2019
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6 years ago I tried to jump start car off another car. Had smoke come from bulk head in engine bay. Could not find any wires burnt, but there was enough smoke to make me think it had burnt some electrical wiring. Lucky for me, the car has been ok for all that time, until a couple of months ago I went to restart the car, and in a rush I must have left it in gear and attempts to start the car. It bumped forward and I immediately took it out of gear and retried to start it. It started and started smoking like a steam train. I turned it off, but by then there was damaged wiring and car was basically dead. I waited for a fellow owner to come up with a loom that they app had, but this never transpired,and after 7 weeks of waiting I bit the bullet and lucky for me I have a ramp in my garage. On inspection it had burnt out all the wires to the starter motor, wiring to the relays and quit a few other wires. When I tried to take off the heat shield sleeving, to starter motor and AIR CON , I found this (see pic) now I am pretty sure this is where all the issues started.Probably why I never saw any burnt wires or trace of burnt sleeve, because it was in the heat shield sleeve. Quite clearly the original loom to the AC was too long so noble/HiTeck decided to loop the wiring back on itself 4 times tightly, and wrap it in lots of electrical tape. Luckily I was able to source all the wiring colours on the net and cost just over £12 for all the wiring. Just wanted to share this with u because if u have a 3R, or possibly any noble, this wiring bodge, could be on all nobles.


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Friday 1st November 2019
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Hi Tony wavey

Heck, that's a hidden nasty... good find!

Worth pinging this to people like Skip/Bespoke and Ray West as something to look out for or fix as a bit of preventive maintenance? Would be tragic for anyone to get burnt out for the sake of a few quid spent on wiring.