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Noble M12 Overall Dimensions:-
Length 4089mm
Width (inc.mirrors) 1885mm
Height 1143mm
Wheelbase 2438mm
Max/min legroom 1120/980mm
Headroom 930mm
Interior width 11360mm
Kerbweight 1050kg

Parts and Part Numbers

Air Filters (for 2.5l) are K&N R -1380

Headlamps GTO / GTO3 - 5 3/4" Headlamp, main/dip/side. Cibie p/n:8482371.

OilFactory recommends Shell Helix Ultra 5W/40 Fully synthetic. Also Mobil 1
recommended by some tuners/racers.

Oil Filter (Ford) Part no. 4628534

Sump Plug (2002 M12 GTO) (Ford) Part no 3051079 (12mm) 4.44 incl VAT.

Spark Plugs Motorcraft AGSF32WM/4 527 158 -40thou gap
NGK BR7EFS as recommended by Yellowshed gapped to 0.025" or 0.65mm

Fuel Filter-
Sytec Motorsport Bullet (15mm in/out)

Fuel Pump M400 - Bosch 0 580 254 979

Lambda Sensors Part numbers
1001702, 96BB - 9F472 - BA - Ford Cougar V6 Lambda, SENSOR Assy C85432, D4 (WP), Ford Cougar V6 Lambda Available from Ford.

Coolant Fan Switch
Intermotor - part number 50173

Battery - type 075

Rear Hub nuts- Improvement over standard part (which can become loose)
P999.084.641.02 LOCK NUT (Porsche Boxter part)

Wheel Nuts - M12x1.5mm pitch with a 60 degree seat and a 19mm A/F hex

ECU M400 - MBE 975D
Others .... please add one way valve in the overflow petrol tank pipe - part no is89f8 - 9a 153 - ab 8z02a,it does not show on the parts computer but is listed under ford escort zetec 150 ps

3R Headlight units all items are Hella main beam/sidelight unit 1KO 008 191 - 00HR - 2 12,5 04 HR
main driving lamp (projector) 1BL 008 193 - 00HC - 6 04 HC

Alternator belt According to Noble Parts, the Gates 6PK 1708 belt is the correct one
6PK 1705 (6 ribs 1705 long)
6PK 1700 (also fits fine and cured squeak on M400)
6PK 1238 for cars with air - con removed AND Daddysumo's smaller crank pulley fitted,
available from any motor factors.
Crank pulley bolt is torqued to yield and should be replaced. Part number Ford 3675106.
Tighten in 4 stages - 120Nm, release 360 degrees, 50Nm, tighten 90 degrees.

Water Pump Belt Motorcraft 5L8E - 8K543 - AA Finis Code 59X28DO5 Part No 4513849

Reversing Light Switch3R 6 Speed gearbox - Ford Part No. 1444282 Switch Assembly, Mondeo ST220 from about Mar 2003 onwards

Suspension Torque Settings

Upper & lower A - Arm inner bushes 140 Nm 103 lbft
Upper A - arm outer ball joint mounting block to upright (Loctite 243) 60 Nm 44 lbft
Upper A - Arm outer ball joint 60 Nm 44 lbft
Lower A - Arm outer ball joint 60 Nm 44 lbft
Wheel bearing bolt - end nyloc nut 220 Nm 162 lbft
Shock mountings, upper & lower 100 Nm 74 lbft
Tie rod ends to upright 60 Nm 44 lbft

REAR SUSPENSION Torque setting
Upper A - Arm inner bushes 140 Nm 103 lbft
Upper A - Arm outer ball joint 60 Nm 44 lbft
Lower A - Arm inner front bush 140 Nm 103 lbft
Lower A - Arm inner rear bush & inner track rod joint 140 Nm 103 lbft
Lower A - Arm outer bush & outer track rod joint 140 Nm 103 lbft
Shock mountings, upper & lower 100 Nm 74 lbft

BRAKES Torque setting
Front & rear caliper mtg bolts + Loctite 243 60Nm 44 lbft
Front disk - bell, retaining bolts (use AP Mtg.kit) 14Nm 10lbft

Standard 5 - speed box: MTX - 75
Quaife ATB LSD for standard 5 - speed: QDF20Z
Standard 6 speed gearbox MMT6 Getrag unit (derived from ST220 only for correct ratios)
Quaife ATB LSD 6 speed part No:QDF41Z
Tel: 0845 1307400, (this link needs updating)
Fidanza Aluminium Flywheel for 5 Speed MTX - 75 box - Part Number - 186251
Fidanza Aluminium Flywheel for 6 Speed MMT6 Box - Part Number - 186251
[ Supplier:-]
Ball joint front lower opel made by firstline part no FBJ5030
Top ball joints front and rear GT03 32mm dia hole in alloy block part no wheel hub febi/bilstein 19090 ford pkw
Bearing SKF VKBA3575
All parts purchased from Andrew Page ltd .01733 340177 speak to Paul Kendle

Paint Codes

Azure Blue - CHRSBE - Chrysler paint PPG paint system.
Formula is:-
D763 828 grams
D776 1352 grams
D754 1610 grams
D755 1808 grams
D753 1875.2 grams
D752 1934.6 grams
This will make 2 litres

Mallory Green - PPG paint system
Formula is:-
D797 1157.6
D740 1376.0
D754 1569.6
D770 1722.8
D742 1853.4
D759 1909.8
This will make 2 litres

Technical questions

Air - Con What's the recharge weight of refrigerant needed?
Noble state:- 1KG but 950g has been suggested by a few people. Lubricant is PAG oil ISO 100

Hub nuts. What's the Porsche part number?
P999.084.641.02 LOCK NUT. It's a Boxter part and costs under 3+vat. You do not need to drill the hub, it will be fine as is. Hub nuts only needed for the rear of the car, the front nuts are a different size and do not work loose anyway.

Tyre Pressures What are the recommended pressures for M12 and M400?
M12 - Front: 18psi Rear : 27psi
M400 - Front: 20psi Rear: 30psi

Torque settings
Wheel bearing: 270Nm
Wheel nut: 130Nm 95 ft/lb
Brake Disks
Standard disks are drilled. Slotted or groved disks provide a better "feel" and are generally easy to modulate. They also cope with heat better than drilled version and are more resistant to cracking.
Slotted AP discs are available from Plans Motorsport and main dealers. The rear disks are also now available for the M400/3R/3. Slotted/grooved discs are available for the rears on 2.5L cars.
AP330 Front Grooved Disc LH
AP330 Front Grooved Disc RH
These are genuine AP discs AP Part Number CP3580 - 1131/0 - CR8 - usual retail price 253.28 inc VAT plus shipping each.
CP2494 - 18 Bell fitting kit
These discs are a straight swap for the standard discs and are an easy DIY fit.
Front discs (grooved AP Racing) come as rotors only, and you need to get fitting kit to attach them to the bell (12 nuts/bold for each side).
Removal of old nuts/bolts may be problematic as they tend to weld together with the heat.
Note that you need 3/16AF Allen key for the bolts (Latest ones use torx heads so you need a female torx socket). The torque for the bolts is 11 lbs/ft or 14 Nm
Bedding - in procedure for new discs (note:- use old pads) from AP Racing site below

Brake Pads
Standard pads are ???
Optional pads in order of hardness are
Ferodo DS2500
Ferodo DS3000
Pagid RS19
Pagid RS29

One Owner Comments:
"I've tested the stock pads, DS2500's, DS3000's and Pagids. I believe that the best combination of the ones that I've tested are the Pagid's* and the AP grooved front disks.
DS3000's will stop you quicker than DS2500's but overheat the disks under hard track/race use and cause the brake fluid to boil . They are also more snatchy (lockable) than the 2500's although you can cure this by adjusting the dampers. With the Pagids you'll get better brake modulation (feel) and they don't require warming up to function which is important for road use. They do squeal at low speeds. Note that I don't use extra ducting for brake cooling. The DS3000's actually roasted the rear disks as well as the fronts and I doubt that we could have done much about their temperatures with extra brake cooling hoses. What did make the difference were simply better pads."
D_G reports:-
My handbrake has always been pretty bad and after trying a quick adjustment which didn't feel right took the disc off and found one of the shoe linings laying in the bottom of the drum. I've also had an intermittent scraping noise from that side recently which now adds up. Looks like a previous service dealer has got a bit
overexcited with the adjustment as the other side is still OK.
Ordered some new shoes from the factory today but would recommend anyone with a dodgy handbrake to have the shoes looked at and not just adjusted through the discs. Found the driver's side footwell full of water a couple of weeks ago after leaving it in the heavy rain and found that the floor of the car under the front clam on the driver's side had a small pool just sitting there (presumably flowing down off the windscreen and then seeping slowly into the cabin). Wondered why this had never happened before and found that the floor has small holes drilled in (I guess to drain any water flowing in) but they were full of stones/grit that had collected over time and were acting as plugs.

Fuel Smell
Fuel smells in the cabin and around the car are most likely to be from the breather pipe. The pipe runs from the filler neck between the cap and tank. Its purpose is to vent the tank as it gets hot and to allow air in as the fuel level goes down. It also acts as an overflow of you overfill the tank. The pipe runs into the compartment behind the panel in front of the rear NS wheel. It should poke out of the panel to atmosphere. Often the end of the pipe perishes and it pulls back into the compartment. This means the tank vents into the sill and compartment area and can trap the smell. It also means that any overflow can run straight into the compartment. The most common modification is to use a P - clip to trap the pipe using one of the bottom screw holes holding the panel in. In some cases, the smell can be from a fuel leak. This is most likely to be from a connection inside the pump/filter compartment. The seal may also have failed in the filter causing a drip where the two halves connect.
Fuel line Removal from fuel rail, There's a special tool that releases the fitting - it slides in from the rail side, and moves a spring out of the way so that the connector can come off. Tool is pretty cheap - you can
get a plastic one for a few bucks. Or, you can get a little piece of metal tubing (something that fits around the tube coming off the fuel rail, around .063" wall thickness), split it in half lengthwise, put it around the tube coming off the fuel rail, and push it into the connector, then pull off the connector. Or, use something like a thin, flexible piece of plastic, like a piece of a juice container, beverage bottle, or oil container. Cut a piece, wrap it around the tube, and slide it into the fitting until it bottoms out, then pull the fitting off the rail. Picture of the fuel line connected the fuel rail
Conrad (C&C)

Water pump
Tensioner ford number 4173397
Tensioner bolt 7106178

2.5L Idler Pulley Gates DriveAlign Part Number T36199 (7803 - 21299)
M12 GTO3R Rear Ball Joints From PEUGEOT 406 - Part Number - 3640.34
DELPHI - Part Number - TC368
QH - Part Number - QSJ1184S

M12 GTO Dip stick
Original part number F53E - 6750 - CA. This was replaced by F53E - 6750 - CB Mondeo
Ferodo DS2500. Part number FRP3083H from Camskill £107 for fronts
Ferodo DS2500. Part number FRP3083HS (bit machined off) from Camskill £129 for fronts.

TDS gasket for machined groove
Ford part number 4802294