Back on the road (5 year wait)

Back on the road (5 year wait)



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Wednesday 27th May 2020
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Continuing the forum revival......

A few of us have some examples of Nobles that havent moved in years.
I present mine.... Last MOT was 2014, baby, house move, 911 Turbo all got in the way.
Its now back on the road!

Been on a few short journeys recently. Last night was its longest blast in 5 years.
In Typical Noble fashion the Waterpump hose split at the clip and dumped all the coolant. I've contacted ACT who have been very helpful and are sending me a replacement item (with a longer neck so its not such a tight/stretched fit).

I always pack a tool kit so was able to bodge it back on, limp to the nearest services where I spent 40 mins getting the coolant back up and then limped home gingerly.

Never a dull day in Noble ownership - Previous test drive shredded the drive belt but I probably had it on wrong.
To echo some other recent comments , I forgot how much people LOVE these cars, waving, shouting, thumbs up all night. Guess it helps you can hear it coming from miles out :-)

Even cleaned it yesterday, another first for a long time!
Happy to be back!!

Need to fit my Jetstream Diffuser, Repair front splitter for the 8th time , refit heater dials after Carbon dash and then I think its done!

JAZ 34

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Wednesday 27th May 2020
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Nice one.

Mine not moved in 7.5 years!.... But it has been in storage. Got posted overseas... Home this year probably. Fingers crossed I just have a few little niggles.

Ian Perry

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Wednesday 27th May 2020
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You need to drive them chaps ,I don't do mega miles but I use mine on a regular basis and it's never let me down .[That's buggered it]


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Thursday 28th May 2020
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Great to hear more will be back on the road. Can’t wait for lockdown to end