15k AW11

15k AW11



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Wednesday 3rd February
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So the price has dropped £255.00 after two days of posting.

I do have to admit the leather interior option is very nice and clean.

So there has been a sharp incline in these, decent models are commanding a strong 5-6k, specific examples like low milage and owners are calling for 9-10k.

The future of AW11 and the SW20 are going to be very interesting.


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Saturday 6th February
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No more of a sharp incline than any other old Japanese car has experienced.

Also the dealer is one who gets the finest examples around, and who's prices are always high so thats no surprise really.

You try and find an AE82 Corolla GT now, they're 10k, I bought one 8 years ago for 400 quid.