A110 Track Pads - What do you use?

A110 Track Pads - What do you use?



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Saturday 13th April
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five50 said:
Mr Worldwidewebs - how are you getting on with your carbotech xp8 - any issues road or track?
Am running CL RC5 in the front with standard rear pads at the mo - wondering if to chuck xp8 in the back if these are very good (would run one pad road and track and not change) or if it is important to run matched pads front and rear.
Also wondering if the lack of the alignment springs / flowers on aftermarket pads is a problem and if these ‘clonk’ in the caliper a lot on the road?
Sorry if this overlaps my other brakes post.
See my reply on the discs thread.

In essence the XP8 is a brilliant track pad - I've used it for years on MX5, Elises and now the Alpine. On the A110, the rears do squeal on the road though so if you want a quiet pad I'd suggest the performance road pad from Life110. David suggests these are fine on track and do not squeal on the road

Terminator X

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Wednesday 17th April
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I'm at the Ring in June; putting on all the Life fast road pads + braided lines before then.



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Wednesday 17th April
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At the moment Pagid RSL29 front and rear. Car brakes amazing (AP racing discs at the front) with this set up. The front RSL 29 pads can be bought anywhere from a Pagid dealer, the rear RSL 29 pads are tailor made by MP Rezeau.


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Wednesday 17th April
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Thank you Franzino.
Out of interest are you running the MP Rezeau AP discs or a different set up?
I had thought about trying to order some 320x28mm discs direct from AP or a UK supplier (standard size for A110S) as AP seem to offer discs off the shelf in various sizes - but in the end went with Girodisc as a known quantity.
But interested to understand options for future reference.

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