First step into the kit car world - Midas Gold Coupe

First step into the kit car world - Midas Gold Coupe



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Monday 4th November 2013
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ugg10 said:
Fair them in and put in a set of projectors and that would sort out the lights. Think GTM Libra.
One way to ruin it I guess
NOOOOO leave them as they are, and (arguably) get better lighting anyway.


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Monday 4th November 2013
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It is easy to ruin a car. I was mainly thinking of the 80s style rear lights. They are OK but the overall shape looks so "today" that it's only details like the lights (and interior) that date the car.


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Sunday 17th November 2013
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This is awesome! The car will need slight modifications for the new SVA test, but alistair knows what's he is doing.
It is perfectly possible to make this car 100% watertight. I've owned 2 coupees and it took me a year to find the culprits. Go to the technical section of my website and you'll see the drawings for putting plastic and rubber on the door to make it watertight. Biggest problem was that my carpets kept on getting wet. One day I took a flashlight and sat in the Midas in a severe rain shower. Only then I found out the rain runs from the window into the door,and runs via the inside of the doorcards onto the doorseal. Then it flows over the doorseal into the interior. Also a T-seal on the doorframe will prevent rain getting in although it's possible alistair has to delete the window frame because of the sharp edges (as he did on the convertible).
Also it may be a good idea to ditch the hydragas completely. I've now installed Watson springs at the front and the ride is much better now. I've uploaded everything to the Midas forum. Presently I am working on an injection and ignition system with an emerald K6 ECU. This should modernize the A-series engine sufficiently and also increase reliability. I've thought about installing the 1.3 Yaris engine, but I lack the skills and money for that. My engine has been overhauled (used to be a 1293cc MED turbo sprint engine) to a 90bhp normal aspirated engine. The low end torque is awesome as is the noise. So there is nothing wrong with the A-series engine. With a 3.1 diff the 4 gears are more than enough.
As said -and I already discussed this with alistair in the past- a recessed edge for the front windscreen will make the car look much more modern. Also a good idea would be to think of other taillights.
It's the pity the moulds of the Rover 200 dashboard are lost. This is a very modern looking dashboard. The moulds are somewhere at a GRP builder when the company went into liquidation. I have found Mark Bailey and he promised to search for them. There should be also a LHD dash and I want a copy of it for converting my convertible from RHD to LHD one day (I live in Holland). At the moment alistair can only supply the square Metro dash.


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Wednesday 27th June
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Did this get built?


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Friday 10th August
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Yes I'm curious too - quite fancy getting my hands on one soon