Scottish Kitcar Centre - any experiences / comments?

Scottish Kitcar Centre - any experiences / comments?



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Wednesday 16th September 2015
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As per title really, any comments?


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Wednesday 16th September 2015
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I don't know much about the centre, but I'm pretty sure the guys in the Scottish Kit Car Club will know, so I would join their forum (doesn't cost anything) and ask smile


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Monday 21st September 2015
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TheJimi said:
As per title really, any comments?
Andy and Mikey at the SKC built my Raptor R, I also recently had a Marlin Roadster in for a health check and MOT.

They do a good job and there aftercare service is good, if I had an issue with the Raptor they would put it right without complaint.

Only negative is can be a little slow due to being so busy, this is a minor niggle to what has been a good service from them.


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Thursday 24th September 2015
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My car has been with them for the past 5 months getting an engine transplant and other bits and bobs done. Andy and Michael are both really good guys and know their stuff. Unfortunately the car is back with them at the moment getting some electrical niggles done. Only downside is, as mentioned above, they take a long time to do things as they probably take on too much at once, but they are pretty popular and always have some nice cars on site. (They also build their own 'Raptor' cars based on a MK chassis).

Lots of photos taken there on my 'readers car' thread - SKKC feature from page 2.


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Saturday 22nd June
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My experiences are not good. Bought a turnkey engine that would be renovated and tuned to approx. 200 hp. the engine delivered 175 hp and on closer inspection it was discovered that the crankshaft was so worn that it needed to renovated. The bolts for the cambelt pulley wheels were not tightened and would have resulted in a engine failure if I hadn't discovered it.
The cylinder head port work was poorly executed so I had to redo that too…


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Saturday 29th June
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Sad to hear what did Andy say about all this , did you present them with these findings there very good at resolving