Couldn't kit cars be designed this well?

Couldn't kit cars be designed this well?



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Thursday 18th July 2019
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This has classic kit car characteristics in style, concept and tech spec (isn't front-engined but could easily be). How come even our 7-style kits are cock-eyed in some aspect (Caterham & Westfield excepted IMO)!

If I could make a replica kit of this body to mount on a 7 chassis, I could be a rich man ... perhaps.


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Friday 19th July 2019
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yep, could be a great fun car, also handy you get 3 for 1 price, wonder what the price will be, especially in the Netherlands with their high tax on Co etc...


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Friday 19th July 2019
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why for hells sake would anyone want to spoil that car by putting an engine in the front


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Sunday 21st July 2019
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As interesting as it is, there's one huge warning sign:


Good luck chasing your money when this fantasy goes t*ts-up.


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Monday 22nd July 2019
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I know the guys building these cars, they have been on sale for a coupe of years and the UK is a new market, pretty much a kit car, as it is space frame and 350z running gear but nicely detailed and finished.

It was the launch cars which are sold out which where 50k$ I think the current car is around 75k