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Saturday 12th December 2015
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Saturday 28th May 2016
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Hi, build blog for my GBS Zero - started in July 2015 and hope to finish by the end of the year:


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Tuesday 14th February 2017
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Converting a car engine seven replica to a bike engine one in Atlanta:


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Wednesday 12th April 2017
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I took it like a challenge to do something wild and different here in Finland. My previous project was a perfect -59 VW Beetle sleeper. Vintage outside, but 2332 cc + all updated brakes, steering etc.
I was dreaming to get a big custom bike, but it is too dangerous for this kind of old man. Then I found trikes and ... Ariel Atom. Unfortunately Atoms are too much for my wallet, so what is a solution. It is a beetle with tube frame and body. I had a plan to use 1600 S beetle, but it was too difficult to find and then I went to 1303S to get the best beetle performance and suspension. Local dictatorship - Trafi was surpsingly interested and with e-mailing maybe twenty times with an official engineer I convenienced him to give me green light. I found a rotten 1303 S beetle, but still everything maching numbers and that was like the basic donor - or object, to my KAR-7 =read Kart project.
I dont have a blog, but some story (sorry, Finninsh language) and pictures you will find here

I'm building this Kart to be technically ready probably during this coming summer, but next winter I'll dismantle everything and do the painting + finishing

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Tuesday 18th April 2017
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Rear end finished for now.

Tomorrow the front end will get supports


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Thursday 28th June 2018
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You can find my Diary here... its of a Birchall McCoy being highly modified... Enjoy the read.


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Wednesday 17th October 2018
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No idea why I didn't post this here last year! But here you go, build diary of a Furore Formula