SS100 - Carisma Century Kit Car

SS100 - Carisma Century Kit Car



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Friday 4th December 2020
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Sorry for the delay in replying... I blame Lockdown and now Tier 3! I'm in Northumberland, north of Newcastle, where about are you?

Yes it looked good on the photos "just needing the electrics sorting".... however, the glassfibre panels have all got micro-blisters, the engine sounded like a tin can full of bolts and the chassis has some surface rust that needs dealing with... so I have to get the panels off anyway so a full rebuild seems sensible.

I have been able to get a lot of info from Andy (Ocheye) including an electronic version of the build manual if you need a copy? I've got the car running and have now stripped the wiring loom and got most of the electrics working but need to change a fair bit as the Carisma wiring loom omits three of the original Ford relays from the Capri 2.8i harness (which is the engine that is in the car).... this and some 'intuitive additions' have resulted in a bunch of melted wires... Interior wise that is also going to be a full resto as the seats are shot and the dash and fittings need some TLC so a good winter's project!

Andy also spent some time trying to find other owners and so I also have a list of owners from 2008 but I haven't tried to contact any of them as yet. He also had a lot of photos of various Carisma Centuries so if you would like copies just send me an email message through my Profile page.

Stay safe!


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Saturday 19th December 2020
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Hi, sorry for late reply, mine has never been registered and has zero miles, 👍, like new chassis etc, I had the body off in the summer and did away with the Cortina light storks etc, all now on individual switches.

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