Three wheeler Cabin Scooter Design

Three wheeler Cabin Scooter Design



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Saturday 21st January
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Equus said:
skwdenyer said:
I do love that this thing exists. But I'm struggling to understand the business case.
Although it has dropped since its peak, the market for quadricycles in France is not insubstantial: LINK. Mainly teenagers, as I understand it, since you can drive 'light quadricyles' (limited to 28mph) at 14 without a licence, but there's a reasonable market for 'heavy quadricycles' as city cars as well.

Even these days, they're selling enough to make the whole UK kit car industry pale into insignificance, and was sufficient to tempt even the major manufacturers into the market (Renault Twizy and Citroen Ami).
All fair points. But the last time I looked, the likes of Ligier and even Renault (Twizy) were using tubular frames to save the tooling expense.


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Saturday 4th February
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Just passed the fourteen year anniversary and seven since I last wondered how things were going. My, how time flies. No real need for this any more, what with 15 minute cities and the fact that the world's population is going to rapidly shrink over the next decade. Unless, of course,
it's just for fun.