Not a build thread - 3623FM

Not a build thread - 3623FM



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Thursday 6th December
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startStop said:
Thanks Alan.

There was a ban on new user posts on PH last night just after my first post frown

First pic was as purchased and these pics do do the car some favours wink

That's the same as my 1976 3000M switch panel between gear lever and dashboard. But my car is Peugeot onyx brun



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Thursday 6th December
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Yep identical.

That layout doesn't seem to have lasted long as it doesn't appear in the parts manual. It seems yours has the same colour for headlining as for the rest too?

Mine has the brushed nylon type cloth seat facing, which has stood up well. Slightly worn on the driver side bolster but probably more comfy on a hot day. Seat back adjusters are seized solid, but that's another job I'm refusing to worry about just yet.