'92 Griff p/c - Random wires in door

'92 Griff p/c - Random wires in door


Greg M

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Sunday 19th March
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Good afternoon all... can tell spring is approaching - it's warm enough to brave the outdoors and work on the Griff!

I've found this connector in the driver's door. Seems to be angled toward the front of the car and comes out of the main door loom. Any ideas what it should/would be for?

I also found this loose in the door. One beige, one brown, three black...possibly something to do with the original alarm?


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Are the door mirrors working. The white connector on your Mac looks like it should be connected to the mirror.


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The top loom may be for the cigarette lighter if you have one fitted? The only other wires would be for the electric mirror or the electric windows.


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Yesterday (10:22)
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I think some people had connectors whereby they could fit illuminated door reflectors or something like that?

I found a pair that I had bought in the past recently. Another summer project.


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Yesterday (21:15)
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My 92 pre cat has electric mirrors, including the switch to adjust them, cig lighter and puddle lights. All this wiring is in the drivers door. Your plugs could be any of it.