New to Forum recent 1985 Tasmin owner Help!

New to Forum recent 1985 Tasmin owner Help!



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Wednesday 12th April 2017
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Brought it to my hobby shop 2 months ago. Been sitting for 6 years. Turns over but no spark at coil. Cleaned conectors from pick up unit in distributor. Where do the wires go from there.....where can one find printed or CD manual? Thank you!


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Wednesday 12th April 2017
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Welcome to TVR ownership! Where in the States are you? There are folks dotted all over with Tasmins and a few of us with S Series cars. You may want to join the Yahoo group: where there are a lot of owners that can help.

On the S Series, the rev counter is in series with the coil, so if the rev counter is disconnected, the coil won't fire! Genius! Might be worth a look.



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Monday 24th April 2017
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You can also get lots of help from the Wedge Forum. I ask those guys questions all the time on my Wedge.


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Friday 26th May 2017
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Not sure what you have, but it's worth getting the Chilton (etc.) for whatever the components come from. If it's a Wedge, Steve Heath's 'Bible' Part 1 (there is no Part 2) is worth it. I think the NA TVR club has some of the service manuals. Grady


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Wednesday 22nd November 2017
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I have as well just picked up a 85 280i Fixed head coupe project car... going to need some help from the community...