2020 UK Targa/Road Rallying Thread

2020 UK Targa/Road Rallying Thread



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Friday 3rd January
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New thread for the new year.

Currently putting together a list of what im doing this year, I've already screwed up by booking a holiday during the rally i wanted to do most (Ysywyth) curse

But I have got myself an interclub and will be entering the Cotswold Targa Championship, aswell as hopefully doing some others around the country.

First rally will be a 12 car to shakedown the AX, but that depends on when i get it all back together and roadworthy!

What is everyones plans for this year?


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Saturday 4th January
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I think I will be sticking with the same basic format as last year.
Our club 12 car/scatter championship continues on the 15th which will be my first event, then Ryemoor Trophy, Ross Traders, John Robson and North Yorkshire Classic.
That would bring us to April, when I’m CoC on our clubs Jubilee Historic.
After that most of the HRCR stuff and hopefully some HERO events.


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Monday 6th January
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I'm part of the organising team for the Mull Hire - Mull Classic Rally - 14th March 2020.

It's a dual permit Targa Road Rally and Historic Road Rally - tests and regularities - test routes are mainly in the forests on Mull. The format is similar to the October 2018 Beatson's Mull Targa Rally.

There will also be a dinner / ceilidh dance afterwards.


We are trying to re-establish a second motorsport event on the Isle of Mull, to complement the Beatson's Building Supplies Mull Rally (8th to 11th October).


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Wednesday 8th January
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I've got an entry in for The Bagger, The Primrose and Bath Festival so a good month or so ahead. Also planning to do the local 12 cars this year too.

Got a few jobs to do on the car this year to get it how I want it so might miss some events over the summer and to get it ready for winter.


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Saturday 11th January
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First 12 car of the year last night, got round, gave the car a good shakedown for the Bagger next weekend and learnt a lot thanks to an excellent navigator.

Local knowledge of the lanes in South Devon was key and I never saw which way the other crews went with.

My set of worn out ditch finders did not help but I've just been to pick up a stack of AO35s and MAXXIS R19s for the Bagger, Primrose and Bath Festival so hoping that gives a bit more confidence on the slippery stuff.