WEC Spa 24 2022

WEC Spa 24 2022



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Friday 6th May
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It's on the Eurosport Player tomorrow. :-)

I'll sit and complain about the new motorcycle runoff areas again. :-(

I'll be grateful for them when trackside for the EWC 24 next month. :-)


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Sunday 8th May
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Much as I’m in favour of gravel over over tarmac run off I fear the Spa 24 will become unwatchable, particularly with the SRO yellow flag / safety car procedure nonsense


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Thursday 12th May
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If you have not watched this yet it is free now on youtube, it is a simply breath-taking race for all sorts reasons, new surface meant tricky grip, Spa weather, last half hour on a still damp track on slicks. Red flags, crashes amazing moves, death defying moves actually, stupid moves. it had everything

More action here that in the last 5 seasons fo f1, if you know your driving and can appreciate talent at a different level you will appreciate this, I certainly did it was magnificent.


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Friday 13th May
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It wasn't so much fun being there with interminable safety cars, full course yellows and stoppages. Apart from 2019 when it snowed (!) I've had some glorious days at the 6hrs. This year we retreated to the bar on top of the pit building after a spell in our hostility unit.