Stock hatch/Hot Hatch

Stock hatch/Hot Hatch



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Monday 24th March 2003
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Since I have just been informed that the loom for my kit will not be ready until July I am feeling very depressed and in need of some alternative adrenalin kick.
I have been offered a 205GTI that is at present specced for road rally use, but after looking at the regs could easily be made to conform to Hot Hatch as it is a 1.9.
My question to those in the know is, would I be completely out of my depth going in at Hot Hatch level rather than Stock Hatch (I have only raced Karts up to now) or would it be easier and less embarrassing to go for Stock and either swap engines or get another car?

Alternative suggestions for a different fairly cheap formula would be ok too.
Cheers Nick


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Wednesday 26th March 2003
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I see what you mean - it seems only us 2 are wondering what to do everyone else has gone and done it.

On the Hot Hatch issue I would advise going into whichever championship you can most easily get the car to comply with. There will be drivers of various standards in both championships so I wouldn't worry about being out of your depth.