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Friday 7th December 2018
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Sadly, I cannot justify the prices to see these replicas racing, most of these meetings are over 50 quid plus fuel and food, and to watch a bunch of replicas is not my thing sadly. You can see good historic stuff far cheaper than Goodwood events, often with real cars too.

I have done enough histrionic racing to know this and to sit and watch a car you drive miles to see being dribbled past you is disappointing, not to mention pretty poor. Not at all worth the asking price for me. Done it too often and been disappointed I'm afraid.

I get it, they are worth a fortune and who is going to drive them that hard really, and replica's built well can be fabulous.

But a lot of these Audi's are simply kit cars, not even replicas. I remember seeing Olle Arnesson driving his S1 E2 as hard as hell round Lydden, suspension was broken, yet he still gave it all, that to me was worth twenty of these awful kit cars.

Rally is a bit different, these cars have all had hard lives and are built tough so can still take a beating, with some good servicing. So you get more real cars.

At Cadwell, I spent 2 minutes looking at the Jag engined car, and about 15 with the real one, chatting, finding stuff out. Horses for courses.