European Finals

European Finals



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I made my annual pilgrimage to the Pod on Saturday - and I was , as ever , stunned and amazed at the spectacle I first saw in 1973 .

Much talk elsewhere about the Bugatti Chiron doing 3000mph - with a Le Mans winning driver , on a long . multi lane private test track with teams of VAG engineers and so on. Yet at the Pod , here's one of the amazing women drivers wrestling an 8000bhp monster to nearly 300 and back to standstill in a few hundred yards .

If you have never seen drag racing you really, really should do so asap.

Here's a pic to whet appetites - very steampunk looking I thought .


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I was there on Sunday. Not been for years and forgot how good it is. I took my ten year old boy with me and his face was priceless when he first saw a car go down the strip.

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Was there, sometimes trackside, sometimes top end, took some pics, congratulated Tet, too bad he didn´t get in the 3s.

India had Tet´s engine in the frame in her semi as the team was running out of cranks/blocks if I recall right.

What a great weekend it was, with -mostly- good to exceptional weather conditions.

Fast Fil´s runs were my highlight, it will be interesting to see Mr. King ride his bike at Valdosta in the fall.