Help buying or building a Supertourer

Help buying or building a Supertourer



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Thursday 19th May
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DanielSan said:

Distance from the windscreen? Have you seen where the drivers sit in most Supertourer's, they're nearly in the back seat
It's even worse in a modern shell, because of the depth of dashboard the road car has to have.

I was in a stripped out E92 and it was ridiculous. Much more manageable in an older car.

It's a minor gripe, but one of many that means I've got zero interest in newer stuff.


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Friday 20th May
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Without wanting to derail the thread......
a Supercopa is very much removed from the road going car it is based on. The two are incomparable. The only similarity is the styling. If you don't like that then move on, and stick with your search for earlier cars.
Otherwise, it is about as close to a touring car as you can get for sensible money. Underneath they have bespoke Seat Sport suspension and an awful lot of aero additions. The DSG gearbox is brilliant, the sequential even better. The shell preparation is insane, and the driving position is perfect.
All that said, I am biased!


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