Breitling Top Time Deus - worth it?

Breitling Top Time Deus - worth it?



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Wednesday 3rd March
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A rather targeted advert for this watch just popped up on my feed:

I must say it’s stunning to my eyes. I’ve long wanted a vintage style chrono and do like the top time very much. The deus link is neither here nor there but I do like the script on the outer face.

My question is: is it worth the money and indeed will it hold its value going forward? I can afford It but I’ve never paid more than a few hundred for a watch and we’re living in uncertain times so it’d be fairly annoying to overpay on the first place and then lose again if I needed to sell.

Also, there seems to be a few hundred quid difference depending where my vpn decides I’m located. What would be the best route to securing the best deal?



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Thursday 4th March
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Looks great.

Online only, so probably no discounts, and limited to this month.

You are likely to get stung for more than a few hundred quid if you order it from abroad - the cost of insured postage will also be significant.

Who knows what will happen on the secondary market. I’d say more likely to drop a few quid than gain (like most things) but unless you are intending to sell it I don’t think it matters too much. It’s not going to be worth £200 in a few months or anything like that. The Zorro dial ones seem to have held their money.

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Thursday 4th March
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There are two ways you can look at it:

1. You like it, you can afford it. Go for it.

2. It's nice, but it's not a Rolex.

Obviously, number 2 is the watch snob's way of looking at it, and it's ridiculous. However, for some people, it's a factor.


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Saturday 6th March
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It’s one of those watches I would want to see in the flesh, I think it will either be an epic win or gopping mess. Have to say from the photos I think it looks epic!

I don’t think it’s going to be online only as Jura are listing them as in stock


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Monday 8th March
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I like that and its not the sort of Breitling that is likely to be faked I would imagine.