Got "The Call" (GT3 Touring)... Now Which Transmission?

Got "The Call" (GT3 Touring)... Now Which Transmission?



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Sunday 19th March
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Firstly congrats on your allocation.

For me, on a Touring, it would be PDK and sport seats. On a Winged GT3 it would be LWBS and PDK.

I just love the PDK.


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Monday 20th March
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simoncars said:

I got a call that I had been hoping for, for a long time, this week... I've been give a slot for a GT3 Touring, delivery by end of year.

Over the last 18 months, I've specced and saved 8 different configurations (mainly differences in exterior colour and calliper colours)... however I've now decided to go for a very plain and classic understated look (i.e - black callipers on a traditional Porsche colour).

One thing that I am completely torn by is which transmission to go for... Manual or PDK? I've included some reasons for each option below, and while I have more reasons for the Manual, I am probably still 51% PDK vs 49% Manual :-)

Would love to hear other people's opinions and points on this, as I'm sure I'm missing a few points to consider.

Why Manual
- Tradition / Heritage: it's a touring, and it just feels right to have it in a manual, along with it likely being the last naturally aspirated 911 - It's unlikely to be the last naturally aspirated 911, they'll keep making them for a while yet probably as hybrids down the line but most likely after 992.2
- Future Value: while I don't buy cars as investments, I think the manual will be a more sought after variant in the future - Perhaps, but not likely to the extent it makes the decision for you
- Future Thrill: if i'm still lucky enough to be driving the car in 20 years time, I think the manual would be such a thrill to drive (as most other cars by then will be auto or self driving) if this is the only car you are keeping for 20 years from now, yeah probably make it a manual
- I Don't Track Cars: I'm not worried about the manual being a slightly slower car, as i'm not a track guy Same here, fair enough
- Other Collection: I've a few other cars that are Paddle Shift, and faster, so manual could be a nice change / experience every time I take it out (which I tend to be a lot) Yeah thought that one too

- Sound: I've had PDK cars before and absolutely LOVE the sound (bang) of the gear change at high revs (the auto manual blip, just isn't the same, and if manual, I rather not use the auto blip) - Does sound good on a change
- Other 911: I already have a classic 911 which is manual (however a completely different car) - Same here and I primary reason I went PDK. It there's no other manual in your life then maybe you have to have it, but if there is..

I would also add that there is the odd time when you are tired and stuck in traffic and you just get sick of bloody engaging the clutch all the time (if you live anywhere near a city). I've been in bad traffic in my PDK at night and happy for it.

Keen to hear other people's thoughts and views, or anything else I should take into consideration. Thanks in advance for your input.
Personally I went PDK and sports seats because I use mine almost as a daily, I don't really miss the manual. To respond directly to what you have written I've typed some comments above.


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Sunday 26th March
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Thank you for all of the above, it is much appreciated