Here are some of the warranty packages being offered by different companies after the changes to the manufacturer's warranty were made a few weeks ago.

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Our Plan was unique up until less than a year ago - but now it is in its 10th successful year, a few competitors are virtually copying many aspects of it. We introduced it because we are commited to good preventative maintenance, customer care, reasonable cost structures, a constructive relationship with customers and wanting to reward them for their loyalty. That we pioneered it for 10 years when no one else was interested until recently - proves this and our scheme has been successful because of the way we apply our comprehensive preventative maintenance service schedules and the way we look after our customers in the event of a claim. Warranty Plans are only as good as the experience of claim success but after pioneering the idea for so long – our customers can be reassured by our track record of 10 years without any complaints or failing to honour obligations (even for engine work) - something only time will prove elsewhere. We started the scheme because after several years we realised that the cars we bought to sell, carefully and thoroughly prepared for sale and then looked after – seemed rarely to go wrong and cost relatively little to maintain. However the cars we sold that were looked after elsewhere and then came back to us were never in such good condition – so we realised we had to maintain them ourselves to make it work and hence we decided to include the cost of the servicing in the Maintenance Plan Monthly Payments. It all proved that cars well looked after reward owners.

Public demand resulted in us broadening the scheme to cover cars bought elsewhere after initially going through our own Major Gold Service Schedule (which is the most comprehensive available including cylinder compression tests, 4-wheel laser alignment checks, road tests and all mechanical and electrical components and systems). It has historically worked out very well, with no complaints, no claims refused and an increasing number of happy customers enjoying low maintenance costs and the peace of mind that if anything major did go wrong the cost of repair would be minimised.

Customers soon realise that we can only make this pay if we look after their cars so well (and identify emerging faults before they become worse and while they cost less to fix) that they rarely need to come back in-between servicing – and this is our incentive to do the best job possible and puts us and the owner in the same position – both seeking the least expensive way to achieve the lowest running costs and maximum reliability.

Hartech sales cars have already been prepared to the highest standards and come complete with a period of free Lifetime Maintenance Plan cover (and a comprehensive written engineers report and guarantee). Currently sale cars enjoy 12 months (or 12K) free cover (worth over £1K) which takes a car on less than 12K/year to almost 2 years motoring free of service charges and covered by the Maintenance Plan for parts only costs for at least a full year. Cars bought elsewhere may have serious faults identified during the service checks which may need to be fixed before being eligible for the scheme or can be excluded from future cover.

The “Hartech Lifetime Maintenance Plan” then enables the owner to pay a modest regular monthly amount that covers:

• Servicing costs in full (parts & labour)
• Annual MOT fee
• The labour element of all other faults including those caused by wear and tear (except a small list of exclusions (see later).

We call this our Lifetime Maintenance Plan because it continues for as long as the owner wants to stay on the scheme – effectively for the Lifetime of their ownership.

• No work needed other than routine servicing & MOT – nothing extra to pay
• Brake pads & clutch needed – the customer would pay for the parts used (i.e. brake pads & clutch kit) but no labour
• Engine failure (such as a timing chain failure) – the customer would pay for the parts used (e.g. gasket sets, chains, valves, etc.) but no labour
In addition there is:
• No limit to the repair costs, frequency of claims, mileages accumulated or age of the vehicle.
• Priority booking for Maintenance Plan customers
• No fixed term length or expiration date

The costs below reflect the monthly payments for annual mileages for Hartech sales cars (payable after the “free” period):

Miles/year 6K 12K 18K 24K
944 996 Boxster & Boxster S £44 £55 £88 £121
944 S, S2 & 968 £50 £66 £105 £138
944T, 993, 996 Turbo GT2 GT3 £60 £75 £115 £143
911 3.2 £62 £82 £120 £165
911 964 £72 £105 £150 £200

The costs below reflect the monthly payments for the annual mileages for cars bought elsewhere.
Miles/year 6K 12K 18K 24K
944 996 Boxster & Boxster S £55 £72 £110 £155
944S, S2 & 968 £64 £85 £132 £187
944Turbo, 993, 996 Turbo GT2 GT3 £77 £95 £150 £187
911 3.2 Carrera £82 £105 £157 £215
964 £93 £137 £192 £258

All prices quoted are £GBP (ex-VAT) and are correct as at 01/01/08

These prices were due for annual review on 1st January 2009 but in view of the present ecconomic crisis we have decided to help our loyal customers by delaying any increases until further notice.

Customers are fully protected against unapproved increases as payment is set up by standing order and can only be altered by the customer directly.

The main exclusions are – air con, radios, alarms and immobilisers, faults caused by lack of proper care and attention, accident damage/bodywork, tyres and faults caused by corrosion.

Many faults have no parts involved anyway (or parts costs are minimal) and the labour element (that is free) usually represents the greatest cost in most repairs. This is especially true of engine and gearbox repairs where the labour cost is huge but parts are relatively inexpensive – particularly with all the modifications, re-design work and reconditioned parts provided by Hartech with Boxster and 996 repairs - most of which no other competitor can offer (such as replacing cracked liners, re-rounding bores and supporting them, re-ground crankshafts with upgraded shells, modified intermediate shaft bearings and shafts etc - all lowering repair costs under our Plan that competitors cannot match.

While repairing under Warranty we also offer to fit other local parts (for good preventative maintenance reasons – like new big ends or gearbox synchro rings etc) for no extra cost (where no extra time is involved) or a modest extra cost (for things like decoking and re-seating valves etc - even when they were not the cause of the original claim but the work involved uncovers the parts anyway - but this option is entirely at the customers own choice).

Our aim is to get away from the usual conflict that often exists between warranty providers and owners (when claims are in progress) and instead create a friendly, sensible and agreeable way of discussing options and alternatives and complete the repair to everyone’s satisfaction at the minimum cost.

More comprehensive details about this scheme are available in our buyers guide part 3 on our web site

Sports and Classic (


This is a Maintenance Plan which is paid monthly to avoid large unexpected repair and service bills, even on wear and tear items such as brakes, clutches, water pumps, alternator belts, window regulators and much more.

Have you ever had an after market warranty policy that you tried to claim on only to find the claim was rejected on the basis that the failure had been caused due to wear and tear?

Sports & Classic have been dealing with these types of warranty companies for a number of years now and the wear and tear exclusion clause is being used all too often.

Think about how these companies work, they do not even want a garage to inspect the vehicle or do a health check on the vehicle before the cover begins, they have a lot of outlay such as staff, offices, telephones, engineer reports and advertising before they even look at your problem all for around £400 to £600+ a year.

We have decided to start our own Maintenance Plan for many reasons, including but not limited to the increased motoring costs and the fact that the only warranty we feel adequately covers most items is the official Porsche warranty, which has recently had a price increase to roughly £1400 a year. To add to this expense you can now only get the car serviced and repaired in the Porsche dealer network.

This equates to roughly £1400 warranty and £500 servicing costs, that’s £1900 a year on average with no wear and tear items such as clutches or brake pads included.

We have created an alternative which may suit owners who do not want to be paying inflated warranty prices, but want a level of protection should the worst happen, the Sports & Classic Maintenance Plan offers just that.



The materials and labour for all scheduled servicing for one year are included in the Maintenance Plan. Any parts of the vehicle found to be faulty will be charged to you but the labour and any consumables for your annual servicing are covered by the Maintenance Plan including all oils, spark plugs, air filters, wiper blades, oil filters, fuel filters, cam belts and more.

All labour charges associated with any repairs to the vehicle during the period of the Maintenance Plan are covered, you will only pay for the parts of the vehicle required to repair any faults during the period of the Maintenance Plan.

Any air-conditioning gas that is required for an air-conditioning repair will also be covered by the Maintenance Plan (a saving of £60 plus VAT).

Finally you will be entitled to an annual MOT for your car.


- No age limit on vehicle being accepted.
- No limit on vehicle mileage.
- Payment plan spread over 12 equal monthly payments.
- Priority booking and no waiting for engineers report to authorise repairs.
- The Maintenance Plan is transferrable when you sell the car (as long as it does not pass through a motor trader).
- 12 month warranty on any parts fitted to your vehicle under the Maintenance Plan.
- Courtesy cars available (subject to availability).


- Water ingress and associated damage to parts of the vehicle such as electrical equipment, interior trim panels and carpets.
- Any repairs required to the vehicle due to competitive motor sport, competition, misuse, over rev, corrosion, track, race, dynamometer and rolling road use or testing.
- Upgraded or performance parts fitted by any other supplier other than Sports & Classic (unless specifically approved by Sports & Classic).
- Any work sub-contracted to third parties such as internal automatic gearbox repairs, complex machining processes and the programming of electrical control units or keys.
- Any repairs required due to incorrect battery charging or connection of the battery polarity incorrectly.
- Any recovery costs for the vehicle or other personal costs whilst car is being repaired.
- Anything that is not deemed by Sports & Classic to be acceptable to the vehicle having regard to its age and mileage (as sometimes problems have to progress to be accurately diagnosed and repaired).

Please refer to the terms and conditions from our website for a full list of all exclusions.


The vehicle must have full service history, if no service history is available then the vehicle will require a major service carried out by Sports & Classic at our highly competitive rates, at your expense.

The vehicle must have an inspection carried out at our workshop to ensure there are no pre-existing problems at a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT, however, if a major service is being carried out then there will be no additional charge for the inspection.

If the next service for the vehicle is due within 3000 miles or three months then the car must be serviced before being admitted to the Maintenance Plan, at your expense.

Payment for the Maintenance Plan is via direct debit to Sports & Classic on the 1st of every month, with a twelve-month minimum contract, after 12 months continuation on the plan is effected by simply maintaining payments. Cancellation of the plan can be effected by cancelling the payments at any time after the minimum contract period.


993 1993 to 1998 15,000 15k/12 months
996 Up to 2003 12,000 12k/12 months
996 From 2004 12,000 12k/24 months
997 From 2005 20,000 20k/24 months
Boxster Up to 2003 12,000 12k/12 months
Boxster From 2004 20,000 20k/24 months
Cayenne From 2003 20,000 20k/24 months
Cayenne V6 From 2003 10,000 Variable


Repair Labour Parts Cost With SCMP Without SCMP Saved
Wheel bearing 996 190 70 70 260 190
Clutch replacement Boxster 330 290 290 620 330
Water pump 911/997 240 171 171 411 240
Vario cam 996/Boxster 380 190 190 570 380
Cayenne alternator 480 595 595 1075 480
Window mech 996/Boxster 90 150 150 240 90
Clutch replacement 996 TT 550 640 640 1190 550
996 noisey diff bearings 800 390 390 1190 800
Boxster 2nd gear fault 700 650 650 1350 700

All prices are excluding vat and are approximate.


There is an inspection fee of £150 for your first year followed by the monthly costs set out in the table below:

Model Price Per Month (£/GBP)
993 C2/C4 75
993 TT 80
996 C2/C4/C4S 75
996 TT/GT2/GT3 85
Boxster 70
Boxster S 75
Cayman/S 75
Cayenne/S 80
Cayenne Turbo 85
997 C2/C4 75
997 TT/GT3 85


All prices are subject to vat, currently at 17.5%


Your assurance when buying a car from

The biggest fear when buying a used car is that your purchase turns out to be faulty or has a chequered past. With this in mind we protect you in several ways.

911 Virgin inspect all cars thoroughly prior to offering them for sale. More cars end up being rejected than purchased, in many cases the reasons for rejection aren't immediately apparent and the cars later go on to be offered for sale elsewhere. We purchase virtually all our stock directly from private owners, our experience of buying through the trade is that our inspection criteria usually exceeds that of the dealer offering us the vehicle.

We look at 5 distinct areas of a car when assessing it:

Bodywork and structural integrity. This includes accident damage, general condition of the panel work, originality and identity (vehicle identification numbers etc.).

Mechanical condition. An overall assessment of mechanical condition and service state. Specialist knowledge over more than 2 decades means there is little we have not seen in the past. We can also call on an extensive support network should investigative work be required.

Overall condition. Is the car in a condition consistent with age, mileage and value. The interior is a good indication of how much work a car has done for instance.

Diagnostic checks. We interrogate the electronic control units of our cars. This allows us to verify mileage, previous incidents and the manner in which a car has been driven. At this stage we can assess any engine over rev activity.

Paper checks. As well as physical checks we are members of HPI and use them to check for issues such as outstanding finance, insurance total loss claims, vehicle theft, identity cloning, previous registration numbers and so on.

Prior to offering cars for sale we correct any cosmetic defects so that they are in a condition consistent with age, mileage and price. We are conscious that people travel a long way to see our stock and in many cases buy unseen over the phone. We want you to be delighted when you see the vehicle. If a service falls due in the next 3 months or 3,000 miles we will undertake this prior to your collection of the car from us.

Even with all these checks in place things can go wrong. Legally a dealer is required to put right any fault that was present on a car at the time of sale. We want to go further than that to ensure the transition into your new car is a smooth one. We want to provide added benefit to our customers supporting them through the initial months of ownership.

For 3 months or 3,000 miles after purchase we will correct any faults that arise regardless of whether or not they were present when you bought the car. We hope this provides the assurance that you have bought a good car with nothing swept under the carpet or hidden from you.

In addition we provide the option of 12 months cover against engine or gearbox faults covering all the usual concerns a buyer might have when purchasing a Porsche. Available on all our cars at a cost of £500. The policy is underwritten by ourselves.

We want you to be happy. We have been around for a long time and hope to be here for many years to come. It is with great pride that we have never needed to employ the services of a legal expert in relation to a car we have sold. If someone has a problem it concerns us and we resolve it. There aren't layers of customer service advisors to wade through, any issues are dealt with directly by the people you met when making your purchase.

Specialist Cars of Malton

At Specialist Cars of Malton any car we sell is covered from bumper to
bumper anywhere in the country for a year. This is not a bought in warranty,
it is our own and covers literally everything for a year. For small jobs if
you are far from us we will ask your local Porsche specialist to do the job
and we will pay them direct. For larger jobs we have a covered transporter,
will come out, collect the car, drop a courtesy car with you if required,
bring the car back to Malton, mend it and then drop it back to you valeted
and ready to roll again. Due to the warranty being our own we have to ensure
our cars are prepared to the highest standards, we take pride in our cars
being the best in the country.

RSJ Sports Cars

At RSJ we have Porsche factory trained technicians inspecting our cars on site before we buy them.

They do the same check as a main dealer would do when they buy a car and any faults found are rectified on the car before we sell it.

Because of this buying process and subsequent preparation, RSJ are happy to give a 1 year in house warranty on all Porsches sold.

As of May 1st 2012

We cover EVERYTHING for the first 3 months.(3000 miles), no excess, no contribution.

  • For the next 3 months (3000 miles to 5000 miles).
We cover gearbox and engine internal failure ( no contribution or excess).

  • For the next 6 months (5000 to 10000 miles) we cover gearbox and engine internal failure.
This is for labour only. All parts will be paid for by the customer.

All warranty will be subject to correct use of the car (all rev ranges are noted by us at the point of our purchase, available for all customers to see when they collect their car)

All subject to correct oil levels being maintained.

997, Cayman and 987 DME's can record when an oil level went below the minimum level
and how long it stayed there on low oil pressure.

The RSJ warranty is in-house, back to base, with our own technicians, out of our own pocket. No third party underwriting.

Techart MBI

Tech 9 Motorsport Ltd based in Liverpool, UK launch their bespoke Mechanical Breakdown Insurance product, aimed at owners of Porsche vehicles over 2 years old.

In conjunction with TECHART and the largest automobile association in UK, the AA, the product is branded as the ‘TECHART MBI’.

The policy has been developed specifically for Porsche owners as a direct response to concerns raised by our clients that OPC’s were refusing to renew extended warranties, if the vehicle had non-standard parts fitted.

Considering that our business is creating bespoke vehicles, this raised concerns for the protection and peace of mind for our clients; so we have created this scheme to help you sustain the peace of mind of mechanical breakdown cover provides.

Any TECHART conversions or parts fitted are automatically covered.

We are also sympathetic to quality aftermarket products and conversions that are fitted by recognised independent specialists, not just our own. If you have modified your Porsche you can still qualify for this scheme, subject to approval in each individual case.

The price of the policy is £1295 per annum for 911 and Cayenne models, and £1095 per annum for Boxster and Cayman.

To initiate a policy, a mechanical inspection of the vehicle is required at Tech 9 in Liverpool, where the condition of the vehicle is assessed and any non-standard parts or conversions considered and documented.

The price of the inspection is included in the policy cost.

The Product Information and ‘Keyfacts’ documents are enclosed for policy specific details, Click the link below for further details

For further information and details, please contact Phil Hindley 0151 4255 911, or email to

911 Sport

911 Sport offers a warranty package that as far as we know covers every
thing to the same extent if not more than a genuine Porsche warranty from
an Official centre.

We can offer this by making sure all our cars are serviced upto date and
have a full clean bill of health before they are presented for sale.

No car is offered for sale if there is a pending service due within 1 year.
Most cars are fitted with new brake discs and pads along with having new
tyres. Our level of preparation should be taken into account when comparing
similar cars even with those at an official Porsche Centre

So every car that is bought from us has this warranty. that covers
everything. even punctures, excluding damaged tyres, we even will replace
worn discs and pads with in the warranty period.

We do not put a claim limit on our warranties or the amount of time you can
claim. We do however ask that the car returns here for all its work.

In our eyes with think we are the bravest company out in the market place to
day. But can justify it by having virtually no claims

We Are Open to the fact that the only thing we do not cover with in our
warranty is Roadside assist and Recovery should you have a problem, However
if you do not have this cover we can arrange it at the time of sale for an
additional cost.

Contact us here: