Folks, I've updated this to put all the non-rebuilds together in descending mileage, then all the rebuilds in descending total mileage. If anyone is unhappy, it can always go back. I've also included another column for date mileage entered (or updated). Hope you like it! S6PNJ.

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No Rebuilds

Owner Date Built Mileage Updated Spec/Colour Rebuild Comments
So Called 2006 84,000 20/01/20 Tuscan Convertible, Ferrari pearl alloy 5% specraflair None Gets plenty of use including many trips to Germany and Spain.
Ulster Tuscan 78,000 02/09/15 Have just had to replace radiator but no rebuilds as far as I know. Maybe its the way Greg Connolly looks after it for me. 2nd hand from Hexham Horseless and there is no sign of a rebuild in all the bumph that came with it. This is my 4th Tuscan and the best, wavy dash Tuscan S. All 4 have been daily drivers. Admit that I had engine problems with the early ones but all got sorted. Put 12 -20k per year on all. Must have done over 200k in Tuscans by now. Update- now over 78k miles and have just had to replace clutch. Records say this was last done by TVR Power in 2010 at mileage 13,749. Greg says this must be a record!
Gr1ffiths Sept 2000 72,615 05/10/16 White None No documented engine rebuild
s6pnj Jan-02 65,045 28/06/15 Chameleon Blue None Owned since 2005. Was my daily driver racking up 18k miles per year (for 1.5 years), now my hi-days and holidays drive racking up 2-3k miles per year. Only mods are Gaz Gold Pros and wheel spacers.
Speed 3 Jan-04 61,050 12/09/20 Tuscan mk1 Grigio Titanio None Bought by me Dec 2013. One previous owner from new, every invoice ever received in two thick A4 binders. Nitrons fitted by previous owner. Original clutch finally replaced at 60k due slave cylinder failure (clutch still had life left). Lightweight flywheel fitted whilst gearbox was out (silly not to !).
fat80b Sep-01 54,000 Tuscan Mk 1 GTS Blue None Owned for 6 years and 26000 very happy miles. Very rarely ever let me down apart from the throttle cable snapping on the day I bought it... Has now had a chassis restoration so is brand new underneath but still no engine work....
XMES RUS 2001 48,000 Tuscan Mk 1 GTS blue None Been a good runner, replaced clutch and most of the usual bits, serviced regulary and always warmed the car up. Fingers followers have just started to show wear
johnalford2 2003 46,000 GTS blue Not a believer Used as much as possible raining or not- though dont have my little lad in it when its raining
mrcyeo 2000 44,000 Metallic sliver None Owned for over 2 years, used at weekends, purrs like a lion on viagra and has been very reliable
Travelsveryrapid Mar-02 50000 10/09/2020 Crystal Verde None Just back from it’s annual service at Hexham, engine retuned and new suspension all round. Runs like a dream.
Dickie Dastardly 2003 40,500 02/10/16 Tuscan S Reflex Charcoal None Bought in Sept 2012 @ 28300mls to replace a superb 1999 Chimaera. So far so good and no regrets, still love the shape colour and performance; been to Le mans & back and used when possible at weekends...
Pootus 2000? 35,000 17/07/15 Orange None Just purchased. Lots of history but no mention of being re-built. Just had the shocks all replaced & the geo sorted by Track V Road
Gnome May-03 30,984 06/10/12 Pearl Blue metallic None Purchased 04/2009 at 19591 miles.
Chris Hart Oct-00 28,000 Tuscan mk1 red rose Raspberry None Bought by me nov 2015. No engine rebuild recorded anywhere. proved totally reliable but it is cosseted and only used on fine days. I have had gasgolds fitted. Colour is called Raspberry. Not seen another Tuscan in this colour
timbotuscan Mar-03 27,000 Reflex Purple None Bought in 2009, used often, reliable, Racing Red suspension upgrade, Now serviced by TVR Power with engine warranty
Ackbullchang Nov 2003 25,100 06/08/13 Grigio Titanio None Bought in 2011. Just had 12k at TVR Power and all good. Confirmed the engine has the later cams and later followers. Clutch fingers and slave cylinder died at 21,600 so replaced by TVR Power
Hairy Cornflake Mar-01 23,000 GTS Viper Blue None Bought in 2006 2nd owner. Had the head off and checked for wear / clearence, everrything fine. Took it to Le Mans 2007 great. Moved to Middle East just after and done 1000 miles since!
dlewis Aug-01 22,500 Cascade Blue None Second owner, Still lovin' it.
NCE 61 Jul-06 20,050 20/11/14 Spectraflair Silver None Owned from new,ACT carbon fibre airbox, De-cat pipes, STR8SIX Bump steer modification
Dimension Dec-04 19,700 24/08/15 Estoril Blue (BMW) No big issues so far Mk2 with the 3.6l Speed6. Car was bought by a guy who decided after a few years to have it put in storage. The car was then put back on the road and sold to Hexham Horseless Carriages,then bought and transferred to germany where it found its way into my hands in august 2014.
Phil Tudhope Jun-06 19,600 18/04/15 Highland Pearl Grey Owned for 7 years now. Replaced a well loved Griff 500. Fitted with Nitron NTR Sport Shock Absorbers, uprated springs and front wheel spacers.
Tuscany Oct-01 18,500 24/03/08 VF RED None Owned for almost 9 years as of April 05, For the last four years has only been taxed and used April - Sept. Enjoy bringing it out as a fresh car every summer. In good state, very low oil consumption and no crank compression :-) . Fitted with Gaz Gold Pros and front wheel spacers.
tvrnotrackdays Jan-2008 (reg'd) 13,500 13/05/13 Tuscan Mk 2 Chameleon Green Original - no rebuilds, no significant work done Owned since 4/2012. Oil tank heater fitted, on-board trckle charger fitted.
Ropps 30/09/2001 11,500 Nightfire Red pearlescent None This is my 2nd TVR of which gets maintained/serviced by Wilton Morgan Automobile (TVR Specialists) in Berkshire
Cats Oct-10 12,900 17/01/13 Tuscan Mk 2(3)S (wavy dash) Red Bull Blue None A couple of niggles sorted under warranty but just loving it. Have used it a bit too much this year - is that possible? Noisy car but it sounds ok to me. Changed to ACT rear cans - different noise but sounds like thunder now!
tuscanx1 Oct-00 7,380 Chameleon Orange None Runs superbly,annual service by Power, never had a problem
xtr2turbo Oct-03 7,200 Cascade Indigo None Tuscan S, Have had the car for 4 years and added about 1500 miles!
msmit660 Mar-05 6,000 GTS Viper Blue None MK1 Tuscan S owned for 3 years, CR Box, 3.73 and Nitrons, Serviced by Str8six
tvrmallorca Sep-00 6,950 Black None Mk 1 Tuscan Red Rose, currently rebuilding due to it being sat for a long time. new suspension, paint and probably engine rebuild later!
Ratboiler Sep-06 5,100 Tuscan Mk2 Starmist Green None Bought Feb 2012, runs first class, has omex 710 fitted by previous owner, just need to sort out a head lamp cover letting water in but not out
froggie 2007 00,011 glowred No thanks 4.0S MK3 Wavey dash used as shelf/ buried in garage for 5 yrs, Some ones barn find one day


Owner Date Built Mileage Updated Spec/Colour Rebuild notes Comments
Macey Oct-01 110,000 15/05/17 Cosmos Blue Head rebuild 2004 at 14,000. Bought in March 2008 with 27,000 on the clock. Now fitted with Nitrons and Jade-R 18" Wheels
RedRose123 Aug-00 82,000 05/07/19 Crystal Topaz 26,000 Str8six, 73,000 Str8six (Top end rebuild due to valve clearances) Bought in 2008. Used as only car for 5 years. Enjoyed in all weather. Been reliable apart from lots of electrical issues in 2014 which have now been resolved
s6boy Apr-04 75,000 23.05.18 Crystal Topaz Pearl New head, oil ways and half time bearing Excessive valve wear started when poor fuel used on a very hot day and started pinking. 2 years later there was no more valve adjustment left. That was about 8 years and 30k miles ago
stubop 2001 66,000 cascade blue factory rebuild in 2005 at 30000 only owned 1 month as of nov 2011, few quirks to sort but otherwise spot on, and loving every mile. used as often as possible, around 4-5 times a week
Djdan 2001 65,500 Tuscan S Reflex Charcoal Str8six Rebuild @ 55k No problems before however Bought Jan 2012 and I still cant stop looking at it
eye121 2000 63,500 02/04/14 Azura Nuvola TrackvRoad rebuild @ 48k 2009 fantastic daily driver
12Esc Dec-00 62,000 Starmist blue 2007 - 27.000mls TVR Power, 2011 - 58.000mls Local specialist, Racing Green FFF2 Bought in 2010
Nick B69 2003 61,450 Tuscan S Nebula Blue Two 2 early rebuilds by factory whilst a demo car at Penninsula, Pre 16000K. Used as a daily drive by me from 2005-2012, hence now at +61k. Going strong still with a big smile
UpTheIron Sep-00 61,000 23/05/18 Tuscan S White Rebuilt to 4.5SS spec by Dom in 2011 at about 45k miles. Bought by me 2005. One previous owner from new. Engine was fully functional apart from a thirst for oil, rebuild was actually enforced by HGF
B3nnl Oct 2001 61,000 01/06/14 Ceramic Blue Full TVR Power 4.3 Rebuild Bought in Oct 2011 with 38,000 on the clock. Fitted with Nitrons, full retrim by DTT, Bonnet conversion
m3jappa 2001 59,700 samoa blue Full tvr power rebuild at 55500 including new bottom end ,Generally been very good, few silly niggle but significantly improved since i bought it apr 11 with 55500 approx on it,lots of upgrades enjoyed every single mile so far, use as much as i realistically can,weekend car
Tuscanny 58,000 13/04/14 Crystal Topaz Full engine rebuild by tvr power at 35000 miles to red rose spec Just had a 12000 mile service by str8six. Had the tuscan over a year now and no problems so far.
Basil Brush Jul-00 58,000 Tuscan Mk 1 Cosmos Blue Factory rebuild @ 6k in 2001 for finger followers and again at 14k in 2002 with new updated head fitted due to sinking/burned valve seats Owned by me since 05/2003, it was used as a daily driver until a couple of years ago and is currently going through a cosmetic refresh
dvs_dave Dec-01 56,500 Reflex Purple Full TVR Power Rebuild @ 33k. Valve guides shot Tuscan S. Purchased Feb 06 and done 36k miles in it. Been very good and has had all the typical upgrades done.
AlanQ Oct-00 56,000 Tuscan Mk 1 Grasmere Blue Factory rebuild @ 22k in 2004 Owned by me since 03/2012. In the first month of ownership a belt replacement turned into a £1500 engine out job with new clutch and other stuff but it's now running fine. I used to have a Cerb but the Tusc is a nicer place to be
nawarne Apr-04 54,000 20/01/13 Tuscan Mk 1 Red Glow Pearl Rebuild to 4.3 spec' at STR8Six Nov' 2012! Owned by me since 2009. Jason commented on noisy 1/2 time bearing and possibly starter ring gear missing tooth at 12K service May 2011, but soldiered on and decided to get rebuild...rather than repair. Gaz Gold Pros fitted in 2011.
dmacw Mar-01 53,000 Viper GTS blue 2010 - 42.000mls top-end only, local specialist, TVR Power told previous owner not yet required Bought in 2010, use near daily, reliable, Gaz Gold Pro suspension upgrade, Now serviced by TVR Ecosse
Mattus 2000 53,222 08/08/13 Nachtblau Spectraflair New Engine in 2009 (Str8six) Owned since June 2013. In 2009 it got a replacement Sagaris engine (4.0l Red Rose)that had ap.10k on the clock, so its now done about 20k. Close ratio gearbox, new battery,re-painted and re-upholstered in 2010 and runs beautifully.Bought from str8six in June 2013. Flip bonnet and 's' splitter and spoiler with rear LED light mods, decat , Zircotec manifolds , ACT Airbox, refurbishd Nitrons and Leven drop links.
ericgreveson 2003 51,500 15/6/2020 Grigio titanio Str8Six - 26,000 miles? Tuscan S, bought in April 2011, used as a daily driver since then.
blueg33 Nov-00 49,000 reflex purple TVR Power rebuild 2010 at 42,000 owned for 1 year, used as often as possible, drove to Le mans and back, no major issues
Funky Jo May-04 46,500 Chameleon Orange MF Cars/TVR Power rebuild early 2010 @ 30k miles 1 of 20 Mk1 Tuscan S LHD!!! Serviced and cared for by Str8Six since rebuild. Many, many upgrades, incl. hinged bonnet. Sun & Fun car
wongthecorrupter 2001 45,600 midnight red pearl tvr power rebuild around 29k Tuscan 4 litre purchased sunday 15th june 2012
robertjp 2002 36,100 Sapphire Black Racing Green 23,000 miles, Str8 Six 31,000 miles Owned for 4 1/2 years, used as much as possible, has cost me a fortune, will never part with it if i have my way!....having said that...just SOLD to 'Beety' at 38k miles smile
allandwf 2001 28,000 reflex spice TVR Power at 23,500 Had for a year, use most days, most weathers, 870miles silverstone and back, no problems
MrChips 2004 24,500 Crystal Topaz Pearl str8six 4.3 rebuild @23k One of the first mk2S, ordered from the Motorshow in 2004 when it was first shown. Also, turns out it doesn't like Vmax
Konrod Oct-00 24,500 Tuscan Mk 1 Jaguar Black metallic TVR Power @ 21,000, Dec 2010 Replaced my Chimaera. Gaz Gold Pro (latest spec), aircon and 18" spiders. Full history back to original spec sheet signed by first owner. Well maintained, used regularly and all the better for it.
S6 Devil Oct-00 20,500 Spectra FX Emerald Blue TVR Power Rebuild 2008 at 13500 miles and a second rebuild in Jan 2014 at 24693 miles after an indian conrod destroyed the block S spec engine rebuild, respray, new carpets, seats, doorcards and gaiters, Nitrons. Has cost a small fortune but worth every penny. Weekend toy.
mcspreader Apr-00 17,500 Tuscan Mk 1 Oxford Green Preemptive rebuild by Dulford at 16000 but has never failed! Owned by me since 2002. Had the engine pulled apart for high cap oil pump and while it was out had a new head with modded oil feeds and unobtainium valve guides fitted also new followers. Feels very strong now. Race proved clutch fitted after slave cylinder failed and Nitrons have been on for ages but had to replace the original Nitron springs with Eibach because they rusted like an 80s Alfa
EW486 2004 36,000 31/05/18 Tuscan Mk 2 3.6 4.5 SS Power Rebuild @ 34.000 miles; Rebuild by 2performance @36.000 miles After 2.000 miles of fixing the botch job and finding the root cause for the 1st failure the engine failed again due to a broken valve train that was most likely damaged before but not replaced