tuscan purchase advice....

tuscan purchase advice....



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Monday 12th November 2007
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Hmm... dunno about the colour! It's one of those colours that I'd think "wow" as it went past, but not sure if I'd actually want to own it!


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Tuesday 13th November 2007
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Dear James

OK i will give you 3 good Reasons why you shud not?

1. I want it.
2. no A/C.
3. No engine rebuild the owner says it's(ok) it do's not need one???
and the car runs fine???

4. he has had the car from march i think?? and the 4th owner.

and remember it's comeing up to 8 years old?

I may self dont want to spend more that 15k on a tvr so let's say 5k for rebuild just in case.
and 10k for the owner ok let's make it 10.600 pounds and thats a good offer i think???




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Wednesday 14th November 2007
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I see, so patience is a virtue


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Sunday 25th November 2007
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i had followed the links but i couldnt see the buyers guide could anyone be generous enough to send me one over please, i am currently in the process of looking at a tuscan or a t350, i ve seen one already but something just didnt ring true and with further investigation it had been a cat d write off and it wasnt really a bargain either, this info would be appreciated




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Sunday 6th April 2008
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Wait and look for other offers!!!!!!!
I bought a Tuscan Mk1 2000, 10.000 Mls, 2nd owner,
with top+low end engine rebuilt for 11500 BPS.
All invoices (Repairs within last 2 years)for total 10500 Bps checked and bought via Ebay!

Wait for your chance and only buy if you have
a good feeling!
(And keep some money in spare)



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Tuesday 13th May 2008
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Looking at a 2005 T2S, does the guide still apply?


Jim Green

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Sunday 16th November 2008
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Yes.........It Does, only main difference is the instrument cluster.


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Friday 27th February 2009
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remember to make sure the front uprights have been changed via the recall. The way to tell is that there will be a note on the vin plate and the front brake calipers will just have TVR on, if they have AP as well they have not been done.


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Tuesday 17th March 2009
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Does anybopdy have that linked to buyers guide they could eamil me? the site gives me a 404 error so I guess its long gone?



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Tuesday 17th March 2009
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Thursday 26th March 2009
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Cant find the buyers guide either, please can someone mail it to me?



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Thursday 26th March 2009
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Saturday 28th March 2009
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If anyone needs the buyers guide it's also located here:

B'stard Child

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Friday 27th November 2009
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BigJL said:
If anyone needs the buyers guide it's also located here:
Thank you


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Tuesday 7th June 2011
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TVR5 said:
jigs said:
I always thought he drove a Honda.

You are right. It said somewhere in the bible that he 'arrived by his own accord' didn't it?

But was that Jesus or God? Dunno....
No, God burnt up the desert in his Triumph!


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Sunday 19th June 2011
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Hmm, I thought it was Moses that had the Triumph....


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Wednesday 27th July 2011
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Get a good test drive over various roads, some Tuscan,s handle OK some are very bad


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Monday 11th June 2012
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Don't over heat
No Oil leaks

= Buy it !


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Monday 22nd April 2013
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Looking to a Tuscan purchase in the near future, I've downloaded the Tuscan Buying Checklist from www.mytuscan.co.uk

That version is of 21/03/2005, is this the most recent version? I also tried www.carfurniture.co.uk but that site seems to be out of the air.

Thanks in advance!


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Tuesday 30th July 2013
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Looking but still just a dream. The only one for sale I have seen in the state in the last 12 months was an early 00's and was up for 66000 AUD. Still a fair bit more depreciation to go before I can justify the expenditure.http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/imgs/12.gif