Owing to some "Plum" deleting a large number of owners from the 3.6 MK1 list, I have closed this Wiki.

A lot of information has been has been lost and will probably not be recoverable.

Please be careful updating this Wiki it's taken me many hours to correct errors in these. If you wish your name to be added to this Wiki then just drop me a mail via my profile stating Model and I'll sort.

Big Al.

Tuscan Race Cars

TVR Tuscan Challenge racer Graham, Obiwonkeyblokey, HUI, leerdam23, hoc, keithyboy, 450Nick, Voodoo13, infinity
TVR Tuscan Challenge road-legal tvrolet, Chuggaboom, Terminator

Tuscan MK1

TVR Tuscan Mk1 3.6 Mustang Baz, S6 boy, Saulk, bholleran (Sold), Big Al. (Sold), Mike Blake, Daggsy, SAW4H, LancsRocket, bobcuth, Fimbo, Cookie450, Barnesus76, milky400, StuntJezza, tomtom21
TVR Tuscan Mk1 4.0 Ackbullchang, TomBarker96, drivingfroggy, J_E_T, RodMod, Fume Troll, Voodoo13 (Sold), B11OCX, Bob the Planner (now in Aus), da_murphster, fat80b, billynomates, chris&chris, Blue Tuscan, tcant (Sold), b2tus(NOW SOLD TO AUSTRIA), the-gofer, JONKA, so called (Written off), YKB, john purdie, comet, richard69, krisles, mallyc, WelshnThirsty (sold) , Spluffy, nmidlane, Tuscan_al, Chequred Demon, tuscanny, FATTOJAPPO, m3coupe (sold), Daston, Tuscanx1, Sicob , Shaolin, lerd, xxlmuscles, Tuscan Bev, PJC (Sold), VerySideways, Tusc_si (Fire - written off), Robertjp, tuscan_al, BDM, w33NOB, Lady Topaz (Sold), softtop, Gnome, SP6 Animal, Rens914 (Sold), fraxton, Night Rider, mhardy, EDZ1200, Udo BDM (sold), ronspeedsix (sold), mrcyeo, karlx, paradise purple,mwp, BGB autosport, kronik, mercurius (sold), bcadou, 12esc, Konrod, 1PMA, Hotwheels., PetrolHeadPete, TimboTuscan, infinity, canski, Graaf (ex rens914), Richard90, blueg33, xmes rus, allandwf, konrod, Smooth Smith, Relli, ukcerb, Rhino1, dlewis, rovership, 330P4, bowenslim9415, Tuscanhunty, Greenmile, Paulgooner, ruta87, tangerine147, LaoMa, Macey, Flying Penguin, jon66,campbrc, mcspreader, JimmyZZ, Scruggs, S6PNJ, tvrmallorca, Richie C, RyanW, Futureclassic, suffiep, im, Basti, B17NNS, dvpeace, MaccaTVR, benny4x, Curdster, essexstu, jjlnl, THREEFISHORANGE, nevm3, essexstu, Rosse (LHD), Oakenone, jonmartin
Tuscan Mk1 4.0 Red Rose andyoleary(sold), wongthecorrupter red rose 4.0, S6 Devil, scout, Avalanche, x 7usc, Chewitt, PascalBuyens, satman, jeast, Nelly1, alex_gray255 (Sold), fonoq35(sold), CoasTVR, pgttelford, Turbo100, Steve Devaney(sold), silvergriff, rotaryboy, redrose123, GrazzerDBazzer, More Steam, keith24, akwaaba, mike blake, rogerhulks, gralin69, votan, Andy_mr2sc, bigredtuscan, mab1, matt-man, BigGingerBob, steve320ise, JRA460
Tuscan Mk1 4.3 Mark A S, Flintstone, JontyC, magpie21, MPETT, boardinscotland, Bhippy, B3NNL, CERBER, the tuscanier
TVR Tuscan Mk1 S Cacatous, ChumleyUK, ehasler, The Tivster, Turbo Donkey, Harryp, chalky white, XMES RUS, BigJL, Voodoo13, WISHY, ltowart (sold), Paul V, XTR2Turbo, aquatix, lovemytvr, smaegol, Funky Jo, Tripleblack, ricardo, CK, nawarne, Arapo, jcpgasoline, marten, dvs_dave, Mr Sagman, justyr, rxgreentiv, grif500, dhustone, md23, alinton, dmacw, Supercopa, dav3, Little Toast, Ticker, PJC, Deep Down, Kodiac, M50GRF, ericgreveson, JnP, Nenad, djdan, BeillyNoy, djb666, edzigp, tuscman, Mike Blake, R7EBO, Dickie Dastardly, jmd68, sybaseian, Hunter T
TVR Tuscan Mk1 S TVR Power 4.5 supersport imuir

Tuscan MK2

TVR Tuscan MK2 3.6 martinj999, truck71, MC12, D1ckie (Sold), FactoryPilot, Craig09, MC12, tefSumoGreg, Hoady, Findles, Dimension
TVR Tuscan MK2 4.0 Davel, Willyworm, Engelborghs, Johncaul, hallsie, P7ERM, Daggsy, yellowjorden, Englishman
TVR Tuscan MK2 4.3 collingbroon
TVR Tuscan MK2 4.5 EW486
TVR Tuscan Mk2 S Russian Rocket (mine was the first customer car (MK2) produced), RB TVR, Woolly, TOM500, andyvdg, trs, netnewt, ben d, brem (LHD), GT TVR, Lady Topaz (sold) - Now with MrChips, Driving god, Jonny TVR, Cerrion Steel, Gafferlicious, ChopperTVR, geoffphead, weeman6556 (pre production hot weather test car), Wenzil, Tuscanite, Batwick2, OldandGrumpy, Likesachange, AG Tuscan II S, mcosh

Tuscan MK3

TVR Tuscan S Mk 3 tuscanlad 2, Lucozade, The Pits, NCE 61, Cats, PDtvr, Ratters, alacol25, Cliffedge, R11ysf, sockstvr, OlderandWiser, Froggie

TVR Tuscan Convertible

TVR Tuscan Convertible Peter Reid, H10TVR, So Called, Nistock, TVR_Tuscan, TVR_Owner, 330 CNM, Manc Dwarf, gutu12, Flashheart59
TVR Tuscan S Convertible Phil Tudhope,red1, TYU, jonkiwi, DPW08, BISHY, Futura Blue , WazzaL, TOV!E, Mrs Cuchillo, C4PNE, jodie, mr shifty

TVR Tuscan S Convertible Modified

Power Performance 4.5 SuperSport Glow Worm

TVR Tuscan MK2 Modified

Topcats Tuscan LS7 (01 of 10) Spartridge

TVR Tuscan MK1 Modified

TVR Tuscan LS Conversions Walford (5.7L from Rouch V8Star DTM car Crower rotating assy Malhe pistons T56 box Dailey dry sump MoTec ecu)