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Pride of Longbridge Pics

Pride of Longbridge Pics



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Tuesday 17th April 2012
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Some lovely pics there! What a wonderful day out it was too!


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Tuesday 24th April 2012
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+1 Great pics as usual!


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Monday 16th July 2012
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BEAUTIFUL shots, very nice! biggrin <3

Watch out you don't get banned for posting this PORNOGRAPHY!

Coast is clear! (^.^)


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Tuesday 31st July 2012
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Cracking pictures Nick.

Best laid plans and all that.

Twelve years ago I gave my then schoolboy son an MG Metro to play with. Now in his mid-20s with several cars of his own, including a Lotus Elise, he decided to take it to the Pride of Longbridge convinced it would be the oldest MG Metro there. Here it is with me driving it back from the MoT ~ which it passed ~ not bad for a thirty year old car which had not seen any use for ten years.

So come the day and off we go and four miles into the journey to Longbridge, the little MG's engine dies ... frown ... :~

Here my son and his Rover enthusiast young friend are looking for a suitable location to hitch my rigid tow bar.

Fortunately I placed my trusty rigid tow bar in the boot of my MG ZS just in case. Me driving 'shotgun' bringing up the rear of our little Longbridge convoy. That was a wise move and the little car was easily recovered and we were back home soon. Then off we all go in my car and had an enjoyable day at Longbridge.

Back home a quick check revealed the contact breaker points had closed up. Doh!

Son No. 1 said:
What are Contact Breaker Points Dad?
hehe Old technology and young car owners do not equate... wink

That legendary poor British Car quality! You'd expect thirty year old Contact Breakers to still be working OK Right ? ... rolleyes ... wink

Car is running fine now.

Here's a few cars which caught my eye at POL :~

A Dutch registered Rover BRM. Impressed with the number of foreign registered cars which attended. The Rover behind the BRM was also from the same country as were several others :~

My wife, then girlfriend passed her driving test in one of these back in around 1969. Happy days :~

These good ol' boys were everywhere to be seen when I were a lad .. wink :~

... and only a bank manager could afford to own and run one of these :~

or even one of these..... well Solihull and Cowley is not that far from Longbridge ... smile

Even the Hot Dogs were tasty and not over priced. A good day was had by all and the little MG Metro lives to fight another day ... good eh.

This is the rigid Tow Bar I made up a few years ago. It has proved very useful on several occasions, not least in recovering other cars from ditches they found in icy/wet conditions:~

More recently, I got a phone call from my son "Dad! The Clutch Slave Seal has worn on my Rover 620ti and I cannot select any gears". .

That's what Dads are for ... apparently

So out with the trusty rigid tow bar and on the way home, to my son's embarrassment ... hehe: ... another of his friends passed us and the girlfriend took this image on her phone... Oh the shame... smile

Youngsters today, don't know theyze born.... wink

By the way, his 620ti is fast closing on 190,000 miles. I've suggested he could get a sub-100,000 mile car for relatively little but he's determined to get it to 200,000 miles..


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Tuesday 31st July 2012
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I think you'll find the Acclaim was made at Cowley biggrinwobble

(great pics though)


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Tuesday 31st July 2012
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MGJohn said:

... and only a bank manager could afford to own and run one of these :~
I used to sledge on that hill, when I lived in Rednal


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Saturday 4th August 2012
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Mine is the BRM with the silver grill biggrin


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Monday 7th January 2013
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Wonderful set of photos