Rover 75 CDTI remap and auto gearbox

Rover 75 CDTI remap and auto gearbox



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Monday 14th August 2017
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I've got my eye on a 2004 Rover 75 CDTI with automatic gearbox and 65k miles. It's been remapped to 160hp (common chip I believe?), how does the auto gearbox cope with this power?


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Tuesday 15th August 2017
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If it is the remap designed by one of the T4-guys, then it will cope as they know what torque it can handle and what the result of the map is.
Many are running around now for a couple of years with this map, decent mileage and haven't heard of an auto box that went due to it.
But the 75 is not a racing car so would avoid flooring it every time from the traffic lights, if you want to keep it for a long time and just drive the 75 as intended to waft along with only full throttle&max torque at higher speeds preferably staying in a gear.