Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me?



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Wednesday 13th September 2017
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Hi I have a rover25 it had a water leak which fixed but since then the cars really struggled to keep it's temperature down it isn't over heating as it's not hitting the red zone but it's only just staying below it when I first set out the fan will start cool it down and the go off again but after about 20mind the fan will just stay on constant and I can smell coolant or something coming through the heating vents but garage says can't find a problem?


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Wednesday 13th September 2017
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Presuming this is a petrol engine and hence K series.

Given you can smell coolant I would bet on this being a failed expansion tank cap. It will look perfectly normal, but when engine up to temp it can't hold the pressure in the cooling system.

Would advise you purchase a genuine Rover one as generic copies are known to be not very good at providing a seal. Genuine Rover ones should be available from Rimmer Bros website or Xpart, or you can try ebay.

Other possible is that the cooling system has not been bled properly after your water leak was fixed (what required repairing/replacing to fix it ?). The K series engine can be difficult to bleed properly, there will be several bleed points that need to be bled in correct order to avoid forming an air lock.