Coolant sensor help on a 1971 P6B engine.

Coolant sensor help on a 1971 P6B engine.



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Wednesday 20th September 2017
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Series 3 Land Rover, 1974 with a 3.5 Rover V8 from a 1971 P6B but lots of top end parts from i think an SD1. Engine number is 42523***c.
Changed the temp sensor as the connector had snapped off (garage did it when messing with the SU's) so bought this, which is compatible with the 1971 P6B engine and equivalent of part number 568055 which I believe is the original part number.
Now reads just under the red and creeps into the red but the temp when just under the red is 75-82 after taking readings on the rad (top and fins), thermostat housing, stainless connector pipe, hoses etc. On the TVR the fans kick in about 90 so 80ish isn't hot. Do I add a resistor or get another sensor. I assume the one I have is a different rating to the one that was on originally? The original had a yellow plastic casing below the connector so this must mean something, but do you think I can find the old one to check any numbers that may have been stamped on it - no I can't. Lots of Cambiare on ebay but all different part numbers and with black or red plastic below the connector?


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Friday 6th October 2017
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Rimmer Bros have a selection of different coloured ones. Maybe they could advise?