Rover 75 abs light and no speedo

Rover 75 abs light and no speedo



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Friday 22nd December 2017
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A few days ago my 75 diesel thew up an abs warning light and the speedo sropped working. Googling told me abs sensor and one came in the post. However, whem i took the weel off, it was the other wire that was broken and the sensor was dangling not attached to anything.
Does anyone know what this is and where it should be attached to?


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Friday 22nd December 2017
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The dangling sensor is only for brake pad wear. Should go in the top of one of the brake pads.

The abs sensor is located in the hub. A pig to get out as plastic in metal, so normally it needs to be drilled out.
But that has another risk, as drilling too far will damage the magnetic ring inside the wheel bearing! And that needs to be replaced then too....
If it is just the wire, perhaps it can be repaired and leave the abs-sensor where it is.



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Friday 22nd December 2017
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As above, the sensor fits in the slot on the inboard brake pad. You can see the slot in the material in your pic next to the caliper piston. Just push it right in so that the right angle aims towards the centre of the car.
The ABS fault is separate, If you cannot get the old sensor out after removing the bolt, I use a chisel and cut the top off it flush with the hub. Then I knock a punch into it and mostly they move towards the sensor ring. Take care as advised above not to smash into the sensor as it is easily damaged. I then use a sharp screwdriver and cut off the bottom of the sensor, knock it down a little more, cut it off and so on.
If it will not move down, simply punch through it and wreck it out with a screwdriver.